Spirit Fighter: Yusuke Urameshi

by PhantomTypist


Sitting patiently in a big room behind a large desk is a small toddler wearing a red obi sash tied around his waist, a blue robe with pink trim, brown pants, black shoes, a big hat with the abbreviation for Junior on it, and a blue pacifier in his mouth, his name is Koenma. Despite his appearance he’s a lot older than he looks, matter of fact he’s seven hundred years old. How’s this possible you ask? Well Koenma is the ruler of the spirit world; he judges which spirits go to heaven and which go to hell, plus he assigns missions to his current spirit detective residing in the human world.

While at his desk he glances over at a closed folder, sighing at the current case that was just handed to him. A door to his left opens as a blue ogre with a single horn on his forehead, pointed ears, and balding blond hair wearing a brown and black stripped loincloth; walks in as he carries a tray with a full teapot and two empty tea cups and sets them on his desk. The ogre takes notice that something is bothering his boss as he picks up the tray.

“Is everything all right sir?”

“It’s this case that came up unexpectedly, in all my years, I have never seen anything like this happen before, I doubt even my father has.” He sighs as he looks over at his ogre assistant. “Now Jorge a very important guest will be arriving, I don’t want you to disturb us, if I should happen to call you I don’t want you going fan girl on me, understand?” He asks raising an eyebrow toward Jorge.

“Fan girl? What do you mean fan girl… Wait?! Your guest is from Equestria aren’t they?! Please! Sir! You gotta let me meet them! Please!” He begs on his hands and knees.

“Ogre…” Koenma says in a calm and collected manner as he slowly turns his head to Jorge. “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE NOW!!!” He yells as Jorge quickly jumps up and runs out the room whimpering. “I swear…” he gets cut off as a bright flash takes place before his desk and sees a full figured female white alicorn wearing gold jewelry and a white dress as her tri colored mane and tail move as if they were being blown in a nonexistent wind.

“Koenma, it’s so good to see you again.” She says as Koenma stands on his chair and bows to her.

“Princess Celestia, it’s a pleasure to meet you again. How’s your prized pupil faring?” He sits back down as Celestia sits down in the chair across from him.

“She’s doing well, Twilight is ever so eager to learn new things, I’m sure if she found out about spirit world, human world, and demon world, she’d jump at the chance to learn every little thing about them.” She giggled as Koenma gets down from his chair and serves her a cup of tea and then himself. He notices then Celestia’s face take a worried look as he goes back to his chair.

“Something’s bothering you; I’d guess it’s about your sister, isn’t it?” He takes a small sip of tea as Celestia does the same.

“Yes as you know I banished my sister to the moon with the elements of harmony about a thousand years ago, come this summer sun celebration she’ll be set free. I know that Twilight Sparkle will find a way to harness the elements of harmony to stop her, but I still have this feeling she might shirk off the idea of making friends.” She replied in a worried tone.

“And if she doesn’t make any friends, she’ll face your sister all alone.” Koenma stated.

“Exactly, that problem aside, why did you ask me to come visit you?" Celestia takes another sip of tea as Koenma looks at her carefully. He sighs a bit as he picks up the folder that was on his desk and holds it up.

“Before I get into why I asked you here, please have a look at this file.” Celestia ignites her horn and channels her magic to bring the folder over and starts reading through it. She sees a human’s picture inside, a young male with slicked back black hair, brown eyes, and light to medium tan skin. His body is lean, but muscular and is wearing a green school uniform with black shoes.

“Yusuke Urameshi, age eighteen, recently graduated from high school, father left him and his mother after he was born, mother took care of him till she started drinking becoming an alcoholic and soon died of liver failure when he was fifteen. He’s lived with a friend of the mother for the time being, working part time at a restaurant. He’s known for his short temper, impulsiveness, threatening nature, and his constant fighting. However it’s also noted that despite his short comings he has a joking and kind nature underneath.” She read out loud as she continued to read snippets of his life on earth, until she reached his obituary. “Is this right? His obituary states that he was supposed to die in his late eighties, but it’s been updated to…” her eyes widened at what she read. “…just yesterday. How did this happen?” She looks at Koenma as he finishes his cup of tea.

“In all honesty I wish I knew. This is the first time I’d ever seen something like this happen. He went from dying of natural causes to being hit by an automobile. Because of his unexpected death we have no place for him to go, and there’s no one back in human world that wants him back. This brings us to why I’ve asked you here.” Koenma looks at Celestia seriously as she looks up from the file at him. “I was thinking that perhaps you’d allow Urameshi to live in Equestria, as a living resident of course.” Celestia is surprised by Koenma’s request.

“I don’t know…you and I both know what humans are capable of, especially after viewing the chapter black tape.” She cringes from remembering the horrors that humans are capable off.

“Keep in mind that you have reviewed the other chapters, not just chapter black, humans are capable of many feats, which include compassion, happiness, and love. You can’t just condemn the human race just for their atrocities. Besides Yusuke isn’t like those humans on that tape, yes he can be a handful, but he has a good heart. I guarantee that if you let him live in your kingdom, he can be a valuable friend.” Koenma is leaning out of his seat as he tries to get his point across.

“Maybe…but I still think I need to think it over still.” Celestia continues to glance at the file in her hand. Koenma sighs as he holds the bridge of his nose between his thumb and pointer finger.

“I’m afraid there isn’t enough time to think about it, the coroner’s office that picked up Yusuke’s body has a time limit to hold bodies, once that time is up, the body will be cremated. He won’t have a body to go back to, and he’ll be nothing more than just a ghost.” Koenma added hoping that Celestia would agree sooner than later.

“You’re really putting me on the spot Koenma, how long till his body is gone?

“Law states that there must be a forty eight hour hold on a body, there’s only twenty four hours left on Urameshi’s.” He sighs as he leans back in his chair as an idea pops into his head. “Well…how’s about you talk to him, his spirit is in the next room, but don’t worry he looks the same as his photo and he can’t harm you.” She looks up at Koenma for a moment, but nods at the idea.

“All right, lead the way.” She places the folder on the desk as Koenma gets up from his chair and leads her down the hallway till they reach a door on the right.

“Let me talk to him first before I introduce you to him, he still has a tough time believing that you and a world of talking ponies exists.” He states as he cracks open the door and sticks his head into the room. “Yusuke?”

“What do you want pacifier breath?” A young male voice in a foul tone snapped at Koenma making Celestia flinch a bit.

“Please mind your manners Yusuke, I have the Princess of Equestria here and she’d like to talk to you.”

“Did she see my file already?”

“Yes she did.” Yusuke remains quiet as Celestia takes a quick peek into the room seeing the young human in his green school outfit facing a window as he sits crossed legged while floating in the air.

“It’s probably best if you just send her away, she’s not going to let me into her world now that she knows what I’m like.” His tone changed from foul to a defeated tone as he stretched his arms up and crossed them behind his head.

“But Yusuke…” Koenma started, but was interrupted by Yusuke.

“Story of my life, my dad bails on me and mom, my mom takes care of me, but becomes an alcoholic and drinks herself to death, I do my best in school and at my part time job, but do I get a ‘good job’ or ‘nice work’? Hell no! My high school teacher has it out for me, and on top of that, after graduating from that hell hole of a high school, I end up dying while saving a kid from getting hit from some stupid driver, which you tell me if I hadn’t jumped in, the driver would’ve missed him!” He huffs a bit as he finishes his rant as Celestia gently opens the door and slowly walks up to him.

“If you could do it all over again, saving that boy from being hit, with the knowledge that he wouldn’t be harmed, would you?” She asks as Yusuke turns around and looks at her in awe.

“Of course I would, I wouldn’t wish for anything bad to happen to the kid.” He replied as Celestia smiled at him. “Koenma wasn’t kidding; you really are a pony aren’t you?” He asked as he floats around her, getting a better look at her. “I will say one thing though you’re definitely well built like a human woman.”

“Show her some respect Yusuke! She is a princess!” Koenma snaps at him, as Celestia giggles a bit.

“It’s all right Koenma; it’s not every day I get oogled at.” She smirked as she looked back at Yusuke. “Yusuke Urameshi, if I allow you to live in my world, do you promise to be on your best behavior, to help those around you, to never raise your fists in anger, and to be a good friend to those who wish to be your friend?” She asked as the teen thought about it for a bit.

“But what if someone wants to start a fight with me, could I at least defend myself?” Koenma face palmed while Celestia thought about it for a moment.

“I’ll allow it only as a last resort, and if any of my little ponies needs protecting.

"All right, I accept." The teen smiled

“Excellent! I’ll have my spirit detective retrieve Yusuke’s body immediately.” Koenma leaves as both Celesita and the boy get better acquainted with each other.

---This is a line---

It’s a late afternoon at the coroner’s office; all of the employee’s are busy while only the dead occupy the morgue, however that changes when a portal opens inside the morgue and two beings step out. One being is tall thin man with slicked back hair, blue eyes, wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black jeans, while the other has long teal hair that’s parted in the middle, wearing a red undershirt, sky blue robes, and a yellow obi sash around the waist. The tall man checks all of the I.D. tags on the bodies and finally comes across Yusuke’s body.

“Here he is. Itsuki see if you can find Urameshi’s belongings.”

“I’m on it.” He replied as he closed his eyes in concentration. In the storage room, all was quiet until a few dozen arms lined with eyes popped out of the walls looking around; they would disappear into the walls and reappear in a different spot until one arm found a bin with the teens name on it. A couple more arms popped up grabbing the bin making it disappear into thin air. “I have his belongings, ready to go Shinobu?” He looked on as the tall man placed Urameshi’s corpse over his shoulder and nodded as they all exited the morgue through the portal they’d used earlier, after entering the portal closes leaving no trace of what happened.

---This is a line---

Back at Koenma’s palace Celestia, Yusuke, and Koenma himself were waiting patiently for the spirit detective in Koenma’s office; suddenly a portal opens up to everyone’s left as both Shinobu and Itsuki entered the office carrying the teens dead body and a bin with his belongings.

“Celestia, Yusuke I’d like to introduce Shinobu Sensui my spirit detective.”

“Your highness, Urameshi.” The tall man bows.

“And this is Itsuki, Shinobu’s assistant.” Koenma continues pointing to the young man with the long teal hair.

“A pleasure.” He bowed as well.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both, I’m glad to see that both a human and demon can get along so well.” Celestia smiled as Yusuke looked at Celestia and back at the two men that just entered.

“Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s get to it shall we?” Koenma stated as he moved from behind his desk. Yusuke floats next to Celestia as she stands up while both Shinobu and Itsuki walk up to the princess and the young spirit. “Ready when you are your highness.” He said as he stepped up to the small group.

Celestia nods with a smile as her horn glows with magic making a sphere of gold surrounds the group and in a flash of bright light, they disappear to Celestia's home world Equestria.