Spirit Fighter: Yusuke Urameshi

by PhantomTypist

Chapter 3

Back on pony world, Shining Armor leads Yusuke, Twilight, and Spike to the royal guard firing range. They all remind quiet as they roamed through the hallways of the castle, until Twilight spoke up.

"So Yusuke, does your spirit energy have any sort of sensations?"

"No, I honestly don't feel anything what-so-ever."

"Really? So it's not at all like magic then." Twilight quickly writes on piece of parchment with a quill.

"So Yusuke, tell us a little about yourself." Shining suggests as Yusuke thinks for a moment.

"Well, I'm an only child, and I was from Kaiden, Japan." He pauses for a moment to think a bit. "I was a part time cook and baker when I wasn't in high school."

"Oh really? How'd you like working in the food industry?" Twilight asks

"It was interesting, learned a lot, and made a lot of food and money, so it wasn't all bad."

"Yusuke? Botan mentioned you had a rival back on your world, who were they?" Spike asks.

"Heh, she's talking about Kazuma Kuwabara." Yusuke said.

"Kazuma Kuwabara? I'm sorry, but his name sounds way too funny." Spike laughed while Yusuke smirked.

"Spike, you know you shouldn't laugh at other's." Twilight scolded.

"So Kazuma, what's he like?" Shining asks.

"He's a loud mouth and had a habit of starting fights with me." Yusuke said nonchalantly, while Twilight, Spike, and Shining looked at him in shock.

"He started fights with you? Why?" Twilight asks.

"Eh, probably had something to prove, each time he'd show up to fight me, and each time it ended with him on the ground." Urameshi replies.

"Really? You've never lost a fight to him?" Shining asks.

"Not to him or anyone else that tried to fight me." Yusuke replied with a bit of pride in his voice.

"Well, we're here." Shining leads them to an open field firing range.

"So, what do you use on the firing range? Bows and arrows, or crossbows?" Yusuke asks.

"Well, both pegasi and earth pony's use bows and arrows, plus crossbows. Unicorn's on the other hand use magic, like so." Shining steps up to the firing point and sticks his arm out forward with his palm open. His horn ignites causing a sphere of magic to appear in his palm. Then with a slight push, the sphere launches forward and hits the target with great force.

"Well, that was impressive." Yusuke says in awe.

"Thanks, now let's have a look at your spirit gun instructions." Shining steps up to Yusuke as the teen hands him the note. Shining reads the note for a few minutes and then puts the note in his pocket. "All right step up to the firing line and extend your right arm out." Shining instructed as Urameshi does so. "Now extend your pointer finger while curling your other three."

"What about my thumb?" Yusuke asks as Shining goes back to the instructions.

"Leave the thumb straight up. Now here's the tricky part, you have to gather as much of your spirit energy into your pointer finger." Shining looks over at Urameshi as the teen concentrates. Just then blue energy starts swirling at Yusuke's finger until his finger tip glows with bright blue energy. Meanwhile Twilight was quickly writing while Spike watched in awe. "Now you aim and shoot, use your mind to pull the trigger." Shining instructed as Yusuke aims and with a bit of concentration fires his spirit gun. The bullet of spirit energy soars across the firing range and hits its mark.

"Wow! That was so cool!." Spike exclaimed.

"Amazing! It looks as if your spirit energy is on the same level as magic. I'm going to need to take some tests to make sure." Twilight says excitedly.

"Eh perhaps another time." Yusuke replied with a bit of hesitation in his voice.

"Yusuke, you still have that concentration ring on you?" Shining asks as Yusuke pulls the ring out of his pocket.

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"I think it would be a good idea to test the ring, so that you're better prepared." Shining suggests as Yusuke slips on the concentration ring on his right index finger and takes aim at the target. He starts gathering his spirit energy again only this time more energy is added making this shot look bigger than before. Yusuke holds the shot for a little bit until he fires, the shot soars down the range until it collides with the target causing an explosion. Shining quickly raises his shield covering himself, Yusuke, Twilight, and Spike. Once everything settles down Shining lowers his shield and looks toward the target.

"Woah! You blew away half the target!" Spike exclaimed. Sure enough the top half of Yusuke's target was blown away, the only thing left was the bottom half with a blackened smoldering top. Suddenly Yusuke grunts as he stumbles backwards and falls on his ass. Twilight, Spike, and Shining quickly move over toward Urameshi.

"Are you all right?" Twilight asks in a concerned tone.

"Yeah, I'm all right, just feeling exhausted at the moment." Yusuke panted. Just then a bright flash appeared before them and died down to reveal both princess Celestia and princess Cadence.

"What just happened out here? We both heard a huge explosion from the other side of the castle." Celestia says as she looks around and notices the destroyed target.

"Yeah...that was me." Urameshi panted as Cadence moved up to him and did a quick scan with her magic.

"It's my fault your majesty, I asked Yusuke to test out his concentration ring." Shining stated as Yusuke looks over at him in surprise.

"So this is what happens when Yusuke uses his spirit gun with his concentration ring? It's quite the destructive force to say the least." Celestia looks at the destroyed target as she looks back at Urameshi.

"Looks like you're all right, although your spirit energy has decreased a lot from this morning." Cadence says as she stops using her magic on Yusuke.

"Looks like Botan wasn't kidding about being drained after using the ring she gave me." Yusuke chuckled. He notices Celestia walk up to him and kneel right next to him.

"Yusuke, I know Botan gave you that ring for just such an emergency, and I know I have no right to ask this of you but..."

"You don't want me to use the concentration ring."

"Only if it's a life or death situation, does that seem reasonable to you?"

"Yeah, that's no problem." Yusuke replied as he looked back at his handy work before looking back at Celestia who was smiling.

"Thank you for understanding Yusuke. So now that you know how to wield your spirit energy, you can..." Celestia pauses as she starts sensing something.

"Tia?" Yusuke asks as Celestia stands up and looks around before looking toward the sky. Suddenly crackles of red energy start appearing in the air as Celestia ignites her horn and generates a shield around everyone. As the crackling energy intensifies a black hole opens up as a young man with red/orange hair, wearing an all blue school uniform falls out, flailing and screaming while holding a wooden sword. He falls for quite sometime until he smacks hard against Celestia's shield, causing his face to smoosh up against it. Gravity starts taking effect as he starts sliding down the shield making a squeaking noise until he completely slides off and onto the ground. Celestia quickly glances up to see the black hole disappear then looks back at the newcomer.

"Is that another human?" Twilight asks.

"It is, but the better questions are, what brought him here, and whether or not he is friendly or not." Celestia says watching the new arrival carefully.

"Tia, let me go investigate, if worse comes to worse, I'll knock him out." Yusuke gets up and moves toward Celestia's shield.

"Please, be careful Yusuke." Celestia makes an opening in her shield as Yusuke slowly moves up to the unconscious teen and takes a good look at him.

"No way! It's Kuwabara!" Yusuke shouts while both Twilight, Spike and Shining armor look on in surprise.

"Is it really him?" Spike asks.

"Yeah, no doubt about, I know his ugly mug anywhere." Yusuke replies.

"Who's Kuwabara?" Celestia asks.

"Kuwabara is the rival Botan mentioned earlier." Twilight replies as Celestia lowers her sheild.

"That's him?" Celestia asks as everyone steps up to the two humans as Cadence uses her magic to scan Kuwabara.

"He's not injured, but I am picking up some energy build up inside him, I'd say it's the same as Yusuke's spirit energy." Cadence says as she stop scanning Kuwabara with her magic.

"So, how do we get him up?" Spike asks as he looks at Kuwabara, but then notices the bokken sword that he dropped. He walks over to it a picks it up. "And what in the world is this thing?"

"It's a bokken sword." Yusuke replied as Twilight quickly uses her magic to levitate the wooden swors out of Spike grasp.

"Spike you need to be more careful, you could've hurt yourself." Twilight said.

"Nah, a bokken sword is harmless, it's just made out of wood." Yusuke replied as Twilight stopped using her magic and held the wooden sword by the handle. "But last time I checked he wasn't into sword play."

"Yusuke, do you think you could wake him? I'd really like to know how he got here." Celestia asks.

"All right, just stand back, he might thrash out at what I'm about to do." Yusuke warns as everyone steps away from the two humans. Urameshi takes a deep breath in and shouts out loud. "MEGALICA IS A STUPID POP BAND!"

In an instant Kuwabara's eyes shot open as he sat up quickly and punched Yusuke in the face, causing Urameshi land on his back hard.

SHUT THE HELL UP URAMESHI! YOU WOULDN'T KNOW GOOD MUSIC IF IT CAME UP AND KICKED YOUR FACE IN! Kuwambara shouted out of habit before realizing who he had punched. "Urameshi? Is that really you?!" Kuwabara asks.

"Damn, it feels like it's been forever since I felt one of your weak ass punches." Yusuke chuckles.

"It is you! But, if you're here, then that means...GAH!!! I must be dead to!!!" Kuwabara shouts.

"Don't be stupid! You're alive and so am I!"

"But how?"

"When I died there was no place for me to go in the afterlife, so there was an arrangement for me to come here on the condition that I'd be brought back to life."

"I see...wait, you said here, where's here?"

"You are standing on Canterlot castle grounds, in the city of Canterlot which is the capital of Equestria." Celestia says as she approaches both Urameshi and Kuwabara. "I'm Princess Celestia, the Co...I mean the ruler of Equestria." Kuwabara stares at her for a moment before looking over to Yusuke and whispers to him.

"Uh Urameshi, where exactly are we? We didn't wind up at one of those conventions where everyone dresses up in those weird suits did we?" Kuwabara asks as Celestia raises an eyebrow.

"No we didn't. We're in a world that's inhabited by anthro ponies that can use magic." Yusuke replied as the others moved up closer to the humans.

"And fly, there are ponies that can fly as well." Twilight says.

"Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Celestia, Cadence, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike." Yusuke says as Kuwabara looks at each and everyone of them, but then notices Spike not being a pony so he kneels down and looks at him.

"Hey, what exactly are you little guy?" Kuwabara asks.

"I'm a dragon, although I'm a baby dragon." Spike replies.

"Really? Can I see your fire breath?" Kuwabara asks as Spike nods and turns his head away from him and the others and lets out a plume of green flames. "Way cool." Kuwabara says causing Spike to smile.

"Kuwabara? I need to know, how did you get here, and why was the portal you came through powered by demon energy?" Celestia asks as Kuwabara stands up and tells them everything from meeting the one-eyed samurai to him coming through the portal and into Equestria.

"I see...this sounds very troubling indeed, I'll need to contact Lord Koenma right away, and perhaps have him help you get back home. I'm sure your family is worried about you." Celestia says, but to her surprise, sees Kuwabara's expression sadden as he looks away from everyone.

"Tia, Kuwabara's parents died while on vacation, he had an older sister, but she disappeared one day and there hasn't been any clues to what happened to her." Yusuke whispers to Celestia as she looks at Kuwabara with sadness. She thinks for a moment as she steps up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Kuwabara, if you like, I'll allow you to stay here in Equestria, on the condition that you bring no harm onto my subjects." Celestia says as Kuwabara looks at her in surprise.

"But what if I'm in a situation where I'll need to fight my way out?" Kazuma asks.

"That I'll allow, plus if any of my subjects needs protecting." Celestia replies.

"All right, you got a deal." Kuwabara says as he sticks out his hand for and hand shake. Celestia smiles as she sticks out her hand and shakes Kuwabara's.

"Now that we got that out of the way why don't you join Yusuke, Twilight, and Spike. Twilight will help both you and Yusuke learn Equestria's custom's and history. Me and Cadence have to return to day court, we will see you all later." Celestia says as both her and Cadence teleport away.

"I've gotta get back to my duties as well, don't give my sister a hard time and make sure she doesn't stay coop'd up in her room." Shining asks as he goes over to her sister and hugs her. "Take care Twiley, I'll see you later at dinner." He says as he let's go of her and heads off the guards barracks.

"If you both will fallow me, we can get started on your lesson's." Twilight said as both her and Spike lead both Yusuke and Kuwabara to her library. As they walked, both Yusuke and Kuwabara couldn't help but notice all the sights of the castle grounds, namely the gardens, castle towers, and the guards. As they walked they reach a fenced area with a gate, just then Twilight uses her magic to open the gate and leads them on through. The scenery changes a bit as they were surrounded by school buildings and unicorn's dressed up in student uniforms.

"Hey Twilight, what's with the change of scenery?" Yusuke asks.

"This part of the castle grounds is know as 'Celestia's School for gifted Unicorn's', this is one of the best school's there is in Canterlot."

"It looks expensive, like it would cost me an arm and a leg to go here." Kuwabara replied causing Spike smirk.

"There you are Twilight!" A female voice called out as a unicorn mare, wearing a school uniform walks up to Twilight and Spike. She has sky blue fur, cobalt blue eyes, and azure blue mane and tail with slate blue highlights. "We've been looking all over for you." She says as four other unicorn mares in school uniforms approaches them. One mare has ivory white fur, turquoise eyes and taffy pink mane and tail. The third mare has lemon yellow fur with magenta eyes and ocean blue mane and tail. The fourth has mint green fur with gold yellow eyes and pistachio green mane and tail with white highlights. And the last mare with glasses has cream white fur, violet eyes, and red mane and tail with heather and violet highlights.

"Hi girls, did you need something?" Twilight asks.

"Well, the five of us are going to Doughnut Joes later on for a snack, do you want to come? Spike is more than welcome to..." She trails off as her and the other mares take notice of both Yusuke and Kuwabara. "Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't notice your new friends here."

"Girls this is Yusuke Urameashi and Kazuma Kuwabara. Guys these are my friends Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Lyra Heartstrings, and Moondancer." Twilight says.

"Nice to meet you." Yusuke waves.

"Yeah, like wise." Kuwabara replies.

"It's nice to meet you both." Minuette says as she shakes both Yusuke's and Kuwabara's hands. "You two are more than welcome to join us for donuts if you like."

"I could go for something sweet." Yusuke says.

"Yeah, me to." Kuwabara replies.

"I don't know, I was hoping to learn about your world after I teach you about ours." Twilight says as she looks at both Yusuke and Kuwabara.

"What time are you all planning to go?" Kuwabara asks.

"We were thinking at around three o'clock." Lemon Hearts replies.

"That should give us plenty of time to learn about Equestria and teach you about our world, right Twilight?" Yusuke asks as Twilight thinks for a moment.

"Yes it should, so I guess we can make it." Twilight says.

"Awesome, so we'll see you all later then?" Kuwabara asks the mares.

"Sure thing! You guys are gonna love Doughnut Joe's Doughnut's!" Twinkleshine says happily.

"We'll see you all later then." Lyra says as both her and the rest of Twilight's friends start leaving, except for one.

"Hey Twilight, would it be all right if I tagged along with you? I'm kind of curious about hearing Yusuke's and Kuwabara's world to." Moondancer asks.

"I'm all right with it, if you two are." Twilight looks over at both humans.

"I'm cool with it." Yusuke says.

"It's no problem with me." Kuwabara replies.

"Great, let's get going." Twilight says as her, Moondancer, Spike, Yusuke, and Kuwabara take off while Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, and Lyra Heartstrings go a different direction. Twilight's group finally arrives at a tower and proceeds to unlock the door. They step inside and head towards a big room with shelves upon shelves of books, a chalk board with written equations, and a big table with books, papers, and pens scattered all over it. "Go ahead and have a seat." Twilight says as everyone grabs a chair around the table while Twilight flips the blackboard around to show a blank board and starts doodling three different ponies. "I'm not the best artist, so please bear with me." Twilight says while Yusuke and Kuwabara grimace a bit having to go through lessons again.

---This is a line.---

Back on human world the sun sets at a local cemetery when a young man with green eyes and long red hair while wearing a light red school outfit with dark yellow trim and black shoes; walks along the tombstones and stops at one as he places a bouquet of roses before it.

"Hello mother. I'd thought I'd come by to tell I just graduated from high school, the top of my class as well. I just wish both you and dad were here to celebrate with me." He says as he carefully removes a rose from the bouquet. "I still feel sorry for what I've put you through, you might not see it that way, but I do and I hope you can forgive me one day." Just then he extends his arm while holding the rose making the stem extend like a whip toward a nearby tree, wrapping around a thick branch. The young man pulls the whip causing the tree branch to snap off and fall to the ground.

"Even as a human, you're still as cutthroat as ever..." Says a male voice as a short young man appears wearing a white headband with spiky black hair and white streaks. He also has dark red eyes and has a lean muscular build while he wears a black cloak/jacket with a white collar and black pants that tucked into his black boots. "...Yoko Kurama."

"How do you know my other name?" Kurama asks, getting ready for a fight.

"I was able to see your demon energy." The short man says as he unwraps his headband to reveal a third violet eye in the middle of his forehead.

"You're a demon as well." Kurama replies as the rose stem shrinks down back to normal. "Who are you and why are you tracking me?"

"My name is Hiei and I tracked you down to offer you a job." He says as he wraps his headband around his third eye. "I'm planning on breaking into spirit worlds artifact vault and steel the artifacts of darkness." He says walking toward a nearby gravestone and leans down to pick up a sword he had placed there earlier. "I can't break into the vault myself, so I need your help."

"It's been a while since I've heard about the artifacts of darkness, tell me; was one of them the forlorn hope?" Kurama asks a Hiei smiles a bit.

"Yes, the forlorn is among the artifacts of darkness. So does that mean you're in?"

"Yes, although I feel the two of us won't be enough to break into the spirit world vaults."

"Don't worry, I have another demon in mind to help us out." Hiei replies as the two of them start to leave when suddenly an unknown force freezes them in place. Both Hiei and Kurama look around frantically to find the reason why they can't move. "What the hell is going on?!" He exclaims.

"I don't know..." Kurama starts talking as he notices that both him and Hiei are being shined on from above. They both look up to see the moon shine brightly on them; however the image of an equine with a horn appears on the surface of the moon. "But it looks we're going to find out!" Kurama exclaims as both demons disappear in a flash, leaving no trace of who stood amongst the graves.