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Twilight Sparkle woke up, completely unaware of the impending problem, and poured herself a cup of coffee. There were things to do- she had a meeting to attend later, several community "events" (parties) to work out before Pinkie got her hooves on the plans, and several problems to fix among the ponies around town.

She had everything planned down to the minute detail, that is, until she finds an unconscious foal down the street from her oak library.
Things aren't looking so hot anymore...

(A complete rewrite of Purple Tears, with some major changes)
(don't be intimidated by the hiatus, this is just until I have time to write the next few chapters and release them weekly like I did these! Might be a while, but it'll happen I promise you <3)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 9 )

yay! ^^ much better this time through~

thank you!! I'm glad it's being received alright!

PSA - if you dislike, I would love to know why! <3 other than just because you don't like fnaf, because that's silly, just don't read it then. I love criticism and want to improve my writing as much as I can, so any feedback is wanted if you're willing to explain!

I'm just going to guess that one of the major changes is that my oc doesn't feature in this version of the story

your oc was the yellow one, right? With the cool crazy atmosphere about him? Sorry I can't remember his name at the moment it's been a while. He only came up in the second story pfff!! And even then definitely not in the first chapter- the beginning of the story needs to be focused on the main characters. but I might cameo him somewhere in here if Twilight talks to strangers or something.

Yeah it was a joke no worries, I'll be sure to read this some time in the near future though

oo o o hhh pfff sorry, it was 2am and my comprehension skills flew out the window whoops
(although I still might cameo him since he'd be a good stranger for twilight to talk to,,, especially for foreshadowing hmmm)

oops, forgot fimfiction existed, but the chapter's still here!! You can expect the next one next week sometime, and then the last one next week, and then I'll write up more chapters and do another weekly publishing! <3 I'll make a blog about this soon, along with the cover art and hopefully some chapter art if I have the time to draw it!

*demogorgon raises hand, clearly disappointed, before one of his fellow demos smacks him on the head*

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