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Twilight Sparkle woke up, completely unaware of the impending problem, and poured herself a cup of coffee. There were things to do- she had a meeting to attend later, several community "events" (parties) to work out before Pinkie got her hooves on the plans, and several problems to fix among the ponies around town.

She had everything planned down to the minute detail, that is, until she finds an unconscious foal down the street from her oak library.
Things aren't looking so hot anymore...

(A complete rewrite of Purple Tears, with some major changes)
(don't be intimidated by the hiatus, this is just until I have time to write the next few chapters and release them weekly like I did these! Might be a while, but it'll happen I promise you <3)

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As a shapeshifter deals with the risk of being found, they find themselves stuck in a group of refugees caught in a cavernous maze.

kudos to my irl friend Chloe for coming up with some of the prologue!~

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Celestia smiled warmly, her calm demeanor lit in a pink glow from the setting sun.
"Do you remember when you were little,
we were playing around the castle,
and you asked...
What happens when we die?"

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The light has vanquished the dark.
The kingdom is safe.
All the ponies of Equestria are celebrating.
So why is Celestia mourning?

WARNING- Timeline is messed up. You'll know it when you read it, so I won't spoil anything.
But, it had to be for this story. Sorry~

A practice story. Also a thank you to all of my friends who've supported me and, well, were my friend!
Even though this is a sad-fic, It's still a thank you~

(Cover art belongs to me)

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I`ve taken up a job at Freddy Fazbear`s pizza, since it was the only available job in Ponyville. Now i`m stuck with the night shift until i`ll finally be fired.
I was an idiot to do this.

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This story is a sequel to Purple tears

Five years have passed.
And just now, String Play has returned. But he`s brought with him the five children, too.
Now, they have one last evil to banish... The same one from that one night so long ago.


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Foxy, one night, is teleported by an unknown force to Equestria.
Can these ponies help him?
Can he even help himself after... 1987?

(I don't care that it was Fredbear. I love Foxy and he fits this more than a bear)
Over-all inspired by five nights in equestria. Check it out, it`s an awesome story!
(edit- cancelled because this isn't just inspired, it's basically a completely stolen concept from said story and honestly I shouldn't have done that and hoooonestly there's no way I'd ever finish this story, my apologies <3)

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Twilight awoke one day to a normal coffee break with her daily errands. Until she ran into a small colt...
A weird colt, claiming that he`s dead. And he sure looked it, too.

What will Twilight do with the poor depressed thing? Why does the foal seem so concealed on his past?

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Dear Celestia-

I`m all alone. You know the feeling, right?
Having lost everything. Your friends, your parents...
I`ve lost it all. Even Spike`s gone.
This may be the last time I write to you, Celestia.

teen for the fact this is a suicide story.:applejackunsure: Enjoy!

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I don`t have a name.
I have no cutie mark, and i`m a home less pony.
My days consist of only preparing for the next day. And i`m alone. So alone.
I wish somepony would take me in, even for a day.

I wrote this as an exercise, so please understand this was just a short story I did in an hour :derpytongue2: for the fun of it

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