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Purple Tears V.2 Finally has a cover! · 12:26am Jan 18th, 2019

I finally got around to finishing a cover for the story!
Uhhhh also, if I seem really stupid when replying to a comment, like something I say goes over my head don't worry I just,,, always reply to comments, even if it's like 2AM and I'm about to pass out so I might not even register what you say very well pff

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Security Puppet Prototype Sketch · 1:18am Dec 4th, 2018

Was sketching and came up with a pony! So I turned it into a little doodle. I still need to write more for Purple Tears heck. I imagine this design got denied because it looks just a little too,,, happy.

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Sneak Peek at Purple Tears V.2 · 1:19am Nov 27th, 2018

Just a little comparison and sneak peek into my complete rewrite of Purple Tears!! It's only on the sixth chapter, but ey that's... Chapter two or three of the old story? The further it gets the more it diverts from the original story though, so it'll be hard to compare it soon.
With that said, here's a few chunks side by side!


"Alright, check number five off, now to go get that delivery for Rarity!" Twilight smiled, but it soon faded into a long sigh.

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Can confirm Purple Tears V.2 release 'date' · 12:42am Oct 2nd, 2018

I can confirm that, since I'm on chapter 6 now, I'll definitely be able to start releasing chapters once per week sometime during December, most likely starting on Christmas Break! This year, guys, it's gonna land this year! It's been what, two or three years since the original posted? I think you'll be very happy if you liked the old one to see the improvement with the new one! Although the old one was a lot shorter and now I've found that chapter 3 has translated into chapter 6 by this point

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tips on starting a story? · 5:20pm Sep 15th, 2018

It's more of a specific situation, but I thought I'd ask anyways! On my free time, when I get inspired (which isn't too often) I work on this little story idea that, in it's simplest, goes something like this:
Gorl exists (15yr) > gorl gets hit by car? (bright flights, bam, boom, unconscious) > gorl wakes up in bed late for school > gorl finds out no one on the planet exists but herself and animals

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A sort of good update! (About Purple Tears's rewrite!) · 9:47pm Sep 11th, 2018

Hi'a guys!! I've been working on the rewrite of Purple Tears and I'm happy to say I've gotten to chapter 6!! I haven't written anything in 6 yet, but still! I'm there! So I decided I might start posting chapters, but maybe once a month or something. That would give me plenty of time to go at my own pace. I'll probably release it around a time when I can also work on it, so around December? I know it's a long time, but school's been hard and life kind of... Doesn't like me right now. At all.

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so I might consider shipping in Purple Tears · 3:35am Jul 31st, 2018

I might consider SLIGHT shipping. SLIGHT as in no way the main focus of the story!

Now normally I don't like shipping characters (much less fnaf ones) but now that I've given everyone personalities and a story and stuff I have three different ships in my head I reeeally want to do and might subtly add into the story.
I'm not sure why I'm making a whole blog post about this but

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Finished almost every purple tears design · 2:30am Jul 30th, 2018

Keep in mind I still have to do Badge Gleam, "Vincent", and a few others, but mostly everyone is done! All with their own height and build differences too- and unlike the original we have more than just earth ponies.
Everyone has updated names, too, but I might save that for the actual story, assuming it comes.

Oh, and just for clarification, Badge Gleam's name will probably stay (might be Badge Shine or something, but still) and "Cocoa Song" is the oldest.

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me, while rewriting purple tears · 6:08am Jul 29th, 2018

Me before: Hey I think I could rewrite this alright- there's not that many chapters and the word count isn't too bad. Of course I'll have to change things like personalities, omit useless things like the Nightmares, and rebuild the entire story from the ground up, but I think I can do it! I'll also be sure to rake up a lot of chapters before I post them, just in case I lose the motivation to keep going.

Me after: chapter 1 is also chapter 2 and chapter 3
chapter 2 doesn't exist yet

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Updated String Play Design · 4:59am Jul 27th, 2018

I've officially updated String Play's design!
Before they were honestly just a Puppet mlp version base I scavenged off google images and added to in ms paint (I didn't know that was probably not an okay thing to do) and really... It didn't come out great.
String Play was literally just the puppet but a pony.

Now, String Play fits who they were supposed to look like. The puppet, but a kid.

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