• Published 31st Jul 2015
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Purple tears - Doukzor

Twilight sparkle finds a small colt, whom says to be an undead child given a chance to redeem his and five other lives. Is he really telling the truth?

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Day 3, chasing the children

"Hey, Twilight!" String Play cried, as he galloped into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Yeah?" She asked, while levitating a small biscuit onto a plastic plate.

"You never told me what you were uneasy about last night" he looked at her. She made a long sigh, but sat near him, to tell the reason why she seemed so... Off.

"It was Bonnie... I don`t mean toy Bonnie either. I mean the withered, old, dumb looking one".

"WHAT?!" String Play gasped.

"Yes, it was old Bonnie. I saw him, peering around the corner to the hallway. He was... watching you and your friends" Twilight`s voice cracked.

"Wow... Um, d-did he move?" String asked.

"Yes, actually. He eyed me for a moment, I think, before disappearing behind the corner".

"... Thanks for fueling my nightmares!" he sarcastically nudged her, but also added something disturbing to their conversation.

"The vents... Some pony died in them. I smelt it" he said more soft, as if to not catch attention.
Twilight only gasped, horrified.

"I don`t know about it, but there`s something more important to notice right now" String Play said very lowly, almost whispering.

"W-what?" Twilight found herself catching on to the low voice.

"Bonnie`s right behind you" he whispered, his head down.
Twilight tried to keep a calm poster, but she suddenly felt a breath on her neck. A cold, sulfur smelling breath.

Slowly, she turned her head to face a rotten, torn up animatronic.
It was large, and bore red eyes, a plastic purple bow tie, and dozens of rows of teeth.

"S-String Play?" She asked in a air dead tone.

"Stay still, Twilight. Just stay still". She did as he said, Bonnie glaring straight at her. But then it seemed to go through her.

Until, it vanished.

Twilight gasped for breath, her sides heaving uncontrollably.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" she screamed.

"That, dear Twilight, was Nightmare Bonnie" String Play answered.

"A being of fear. I never thought it`d show it`s face again, well, before that poor colt" he sighed.

"What colt?" Twilight asked, finally calmed down.

"I won`t say. Just that, he saw those same things. Miss, you can`t let them get to you!" String Play said, concern filling his voice.

"How d-did it, 'get' to me?" she stammered.

"When you saw it. You must`ve been scared beyond heights to have him show up" String commented.

"How could you see him too then?" she pressed her hoof to his shoulder, on the sighing little colt.

"I`m dead, remember? I can see this kind of stuff" he said flatly, like it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

"Right. Well, besides undead fun, um, let`s get over to Fazbears. That`s the only thing fun- I mean telling us anything around here about you".

String Play held in a small laugh, but continued to walk with her down the stairs towards the castle doors. He forgot about his breakfast.
He was alive, but he didn`t need to eat. So he was dead, but alive.
But dead.

But, alive.

A small headache formed in his head as he shook off the impossible question. Who cared, anyways? Tomorrow, he`d make sure that he was never killed.
But now, it was time to see the puppet.

And the looks on his friends faces when they realized why he hid there.

"Alright, String Play. Have fun!" Twilight called out as the colt rushed over to his friends. They were playing with another colt today too, it seemed.

"Hey`a guys!" String Play said as they all rushed over to him to say 'hi'.

"Who`s this?" he asked.

"His name`s Present gift. He`s a little shy, but really, really fun!" Cake flower smiled, her braces and shiny gold hair flowing. String Play continued to meet a small brown filly.

They shook hooves, the same size, and stared at each other.
Besides their looks, they were the same.
From their hoof size to their body height.

"Um, you seem familiar..." String Play commented.

Crimson Fur chuckled.

"You look EXACTLY the same. Well, save for your features, of course". The other four ponies glared at him.

"Hey, guess what?!" Music Ruff chirped.

"What?" Cocoa asked.

"The puppet`s out!" he cheered.
Every pony joined in, but String Play`s was lower. Meeting your tomb wasn`t a very fun thing to do after all...

"Let`s go!" Crimson fur led the six ponies over to a small room that read 'Prize Corner'.

"Here it is! the puppet!" Cake Flower cried happily.
They trotted up to a the four legged pony, whom had no robotic parts or wires. Except for it`s voice box.
A thick string connected to each leg, holding the puppet in place, but it`s head, for some reason, didn`t sag or anything.

"Wait..." Cake Flower looked at the puppet, and then at String Play.
She mouthed out the words, 'are you?'. she nudged Cocoa song, whom quickly made the connection to what she meant.

"Woah. String Play, you look JUST like the puppet!" Crimson Fur stated, as he grabbed the poor colt.
String Play only managed to smile and laugh a little.

"Your right... Dear Celestia! That`s AWESOME!" Music Ruff cheered yet again.

"Cool" was all Present Gift could say.

String Play looked to Goldy, who seemed unfazed by all this.

"You okay?" String Play asked.

"You and me know what`s gonna happen tomorrow" he eyed String Play. The black and white filly stepped back.
Did he mean his murdering? But how could he know that?!

"Um, okay. I,uh, sorry" String Play stammered.

The puppet near them perked up suddenly. It proceeded in interacting with children.

"Hey`a kids! Want a present!" the puppet asked with a goofy touch to it`s voice.

"Yeah!" Cake Flower cheered, he voice bright.

"I guess" String Play sighed as he accepted a gift from the creepy thing. Most of the ponies had opened their gift, which was different for each one.

Cake Flower had obtained an item oddly close to representing herself.
It was a flower, a small pink one that seemed to brim with energy.

Cocoa got a small fake microphone.

Music Ruff was given a small plastic model of a guitar, maybe a few inches or so high.

Goldy was given a small gold seed. He stared at it blankly. Probably wondering why he got a seed...

Present Gift got a small un-openable present box. He spent his time attempting to open it.

Crimson Fur, was on the other hoof happy wearing his. It was a small wearable claw, much like the hook Foxy had, but for ponies who weren`t missing half limbs.

String Play was given a small puppet plush. A humanoid one.
It was just like the one he had been, with the three claws, and the weird creepy masked faced...

He shivered.
Why would he have gotten THAT?! A pony version would have been weird, but still! Better than an almost unknown creature... A human at that.

"Hey, String Play, what`d you get?" Present Gift came up to him, and studied the doll carefully. Neither smiled at it.

"I got some stupid box, it won`t open!" He complained.

"Well, hey, do you think we should play that game from yesterday?" Cocoa asked.

"yeah, sure!" String Play yipped.

They all joined in, String Play having had voted to helping Present Gift.

"Yeah? So, I just get to him, but I can`t cheat like go when the lights on, then I have to run" Present summed it up.

"Y-yeah. Just, um, be careful will you? The vents smell REALLY bad, and watch your back" String Play stood in his place. Present Gift stood beside him.

"Hey`a guys! Wanna Gift?" the puppet asked.

"No" they both said in unison.

"Are you sure? I have plenty of gifts to give out!" The puppet smiled.

"Ready? Go!!!" Cocoa cried out, and in seconds we set off for the same pony from yesterday.

"You got the box, right?!" I yelled.
A tiny cry came back.


"Alright, Present gift, can you act like balloon boy? Just... Creep the guard out, alright?" String Play softly ordered Present Gift.

"S-sure! Seems easy enough" Present started off toward a vent.

String Play waited, and waited. He was aware of the music box for a long time. And then, it clicked. he had a toy one now, the small colt. It made it a little hard to determine the music from either rooms though, considering the puppet had one that played on a loop. During the day, that is.

Maybe the two colts could meet each other this time.

Slowly, and quietly, String Play snuck out of the Prize corner, and towards the door to the Play Cove.
He glanced inside, seeing fillies and colts playing and taking apart poor Mangle. Her eyes were still in place though, to String`s relief.
Mangle looked straight at String Play.

And she smiled.

He returned the smile, but then nodded a goodbye.
He swiftly made his way to the vent. He stopped short.

What would the others think if he got the guard again?

He slinked back out of the vent, and into the hallway, watching from the shadows. Cocoa almost got the colt, but was shined by a flashlight.
Then Cake, but she was too scared to try.

A sudden breathe escaped onto String Plays fur, parting it slightly.
He turned around with a jolt to see a patch of red fur in his eyes. Scary, until he saw the round green eyes staring at him.

"Crimson! You scared me!" String whispered.

"Good, huh? I`ve always like sneaking around and such" they both smiled.

"Imma get him, alright?" Crimson confirmed his actions when String Play nodded.

The crimson colored colt snuck into the entrance to the office. His steps were just muted air beneath him. The security colt was too late as Crimson lunged at him.
The red colt growled, wagging his long tail like a dog.


That was definitely gonna be Foxy.

"Ugh!!! again!" the lighter brown colt sighed.

"It`s okay, Badge gleam! I`m sure you`ll do better next time, mate!" Crimson Fur nudged the downed colt. Eventually the others came and, again, they shared their fun with tackling and playing with each other.

String Play came up to Badge Gleam.

"So, Badge, you wanna be a security guard for this place someday?" he asked sheepishly.

"Yep! Maybe if they make a scary one!" His eyes gleamed.

"Hm, you`d better practice then! Especially if Crimson scared you!" the small colt jumped on String Play and they tussled a bit, before Crimson stopped dead.

He stared down the hallway, his eyes widened, fear spread across his face.

"What is it Crimson?" Badge Gleam asked. He couldn`t see anything.

"I-it`s Foxy..."

Author's Note:

It`s about to get DARK:trollestia: