• Published 31st Jul 2015
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Purple tears - Doukzor

Twilight sparkle finds a small colt, whom says to be an undead child given a chance to redeem his and five other lives. Is he really telling the truth?

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H-hello... Little one...

"Spike?" Twilight asked as she dragged her body down the crystal stairs that lined her large shining castle. Well, one of the stairs.

"Yeah?" He answered almost immediately, making Twilight jump as he entered her field of vision too closely.

"Ah, yes. I need some coffee. And strong, too" she replied, sluggishly making her way over to a small crystal table, it was lined with various unrottable foods, like magical fruit, golden apples, enchanted golden apples, horse apples...

"Here`s your coffee, Twilight!" Spike called out as he rushed to her, two cups in his claws.

"That was... Fast" the purple alicorn princess stared in awe at her finely made strong drink.

"Yeah well, I started a bit before you got up. More errands than i`ve seen in a LONG time!" Spike answered, before adding, "I`m going to go rest somewhere, maybe take a nap now..." he paced away slowly.

"You deserve the rest" Twilight stated softly, before turning to a small paper with various dashes and words.

"But i`ve got a long day ahead of me...."

The black and white colt awoke to nothingness.

His eyes were completely black, save for a white dot for the pupil. It was the only thing that glowed in the blank setting he fell in.

Fell, yes.

He was falling.

But his mane wasn`t flailing. No air whipped in his ears.

He was posed for falling, little hooves in front of him.

Wait, hooves?

Why did he have hooves?

Yesterday, he was waiting in his little present box with claws, like a human. What was going on?

Why was he thinking so clearly now?

But most importantly, Why was he breathing?

"Alright, check number five off, now to go get that delivery for Rarity!" Twilight smiled, but it soon faded into a long sigh.

"And then I have exactly twenty three more things, one of which includes scheduling my free unscheduled time!".

Her pace quickened as she began to hurry up.

Scheduling free time was always a long endeavor, especially when she had to plan something unplanned!

After a bit of thinking, and, trotting, she noticed a colt in the distance.

She shrugged it off at first, but began to study the far away pony. It laid limp on the dirt path, a white head and neck, but a black torso. It`s legs were black and white, like painted socks with stripes.

Twilight began to gallop to the colt.

And within moments, reached him.

He flinched a little, as if in a dream. His cutie mark was a puppet`s string holder.

"Hey, colt?" Twilight asked, concern filling her head. She dropped her note book.

The colt laid still.

"Hey, wake up!" She yelled.

He moved a little bit, and finally, his eyes began to peer open a little.

"Are you okay?" Twilight as soon as he began to get up. The colt looked at his hooves in confusion.

"Hey, little one" Twilight waved a hoof near his face, gaining his attention.

The filly stared for a second, before asking something in a small male voice.

"Why do I have hooves?".

The colt fell, passed out.

"Is he okay, Twilight?" A rough female voice asked.

"I don`t know, I think so..." Twilight answered, her voice softer but teenage like.

The colt stirred a little bit, causing both mares to perk up. The colt opened his eyes slowly.

They were fully black, to both ponies horror.

Only a small white dot glowed as his pupils.

"Um... Is he okay?" Rainbow Dash repeated, nudging Twilight with her right wing.

"Hey, colt..." Twilight began, but stopped. What would she say?

The only response last time was as to his species, and she didn`t want to risk another black out.

"W-where am I?" The colt choked. He slowly sat up to find himself in a comfy pale blue bed.

"In my home" Twilight answered then added, " What`s your name?".

"My name? Um... I think it was Jacob or something... But not now" he sighed, cringing. Twilight pressed on lightly.

"What do you mean? What you like us to call you now?".

"Well.... I guess Marionette. Or Puppet, I guess" the colt fit that name, but it seemed that those words saddened him. Twilight pitched in a name.

"Why don`t I just call you Purple?".

"NO!!!" The colt shouted, "Not that! Anything but that!!!".

Twilight stared at Rainbow Dash.

"Um, what about... String play?".

"Hm? Oh, I, uh, I guess" He sniffled away tears, trying to calm down.

"Good, good. So String Play, what about that question you asked earlier".

"Hooves? Yeah, why in the world do I have cartoonic hooves?".

"Um, cause your a pony?" Rainbow Dash replied like it was nothing. The colt widened his eyes.

'Don`t black out, don`t black out' Twilight prayed.

"A p-pony? What the..." The colt stared in awe.

"Um, what do you mean? Were you something before hoof?".

"Before HAND, that is. I was a human, er... Yeah, human. A boy".

"Okay then... Um... WAIT. Did you say, 'human'?!" Twilight shot up.

"Yeah? You know about that, right?" The colt asked.

"Yes, YES I DO" Twilight grinned widely.

"Then you know of Freddy Fazbears Pizza, right?" The colt continued, but cringed at those words.

"Yeah... I do, but there`s one right here in Ponyville" Twilight contemplated.

"Really? Well, stay away form it" String play snapped.


"I.... You won`t believe me, and I won`t talk about it. Let`s just say it deals with my, untidy features" Twilight was surprised by the vocabulary of String Play, but then not as much as the purple tears that streaked his face, or the rose colored dots that served as cheeks.

"Well, um, any questions?" Twilight asked, moving the subject.

"Yeah. What years is it?".

"1987, why?".

" That`s.... That`s w-when I was killed..." Sting Play mumbled something, but Twilight caught on.

"Let`s send a letter to princess Celestia. She may know how to get through and help you" Twilight stated before trotting off to order spike to a letter.

"Princess? Ugh! My head..." String Play grasped his head.

Twilight rushed in quickly.

"Are you okay? I`ve already got spike writing something to Celestia, does your head hurt?" The purple alicorn headed to the colt`s moans.

She patched a healing spell onto this head through a small magic link, and then proceeded to play a certain melody.

String Play knew the melody immediately.

He began to hum it softly, even with the dark memories it brung to his head.

"You know it?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, it`s basically my lament, really, to those nights".

"Those nights? What do you mean?".

"I don`t wanna talk about it. Plus, i`m... Tired" String Play stated firmly as he settled into the bed.

"Okay then. We`ll discuss more tomorrow. Goodnight" Twilight kissed the forehead of String Play, before leaving him to sleep.

It was night time anyways, so Twilight went to bed herself.

Though she did make sure to leave the music box playing, even if it would mean a little fatigue in the morning.