• Published 31st Jul 2015
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Purple tears - Doukzor

Twilight sparkle finds a small colt, whom says to be an undead child given a chance to redeem his and five other lives. Is he really telling the truth?

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So your not a fan of the puppet then?

"You okay?" Twilight asked, for what seemed like the thousandth time.

"I guess..." String Play looked out nearby window.

"What`s bothering you?" Twilight walked over to him.

The filly thought for a second.

"I still don`t get why i`m breathing".

Twilight was took back by this. Breathing? he was a pony, of course he was breathing!
She decided to keep her cool, and a false smile began plastering on her face.

"W-what do you mean?" she asked.

"I should`nt be alive" the filly stated, tears in his eyes.

"Don`t say that" Twilight hugged the small form.

"But it`s true" String Play sighed.

Twilight thought for a moment, her hoof placed to her chin. Celestia had sent her back a letter. That would be a good subject change.

"Look, were gonna be busy today, so, you sure your not hungry?" Twilight asked one last time.

"Yeah, i`m sure".

"Okay then, Celestia gave me a reply last night".

"What did she say?".

"That it would be best if we went to Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Since you remember it, I suppose it couldn`t hurt to check it out, right?" Twilight suggested.

"No. That`s a terrible idea!" String protested, his hooves in the air.

"Please, only so we can see why your, um, here?" She sheepishly asked.

"But... I, well, I guess" String gave in. It wasn`t like they`d be killed if a unicorn was there.

"Great! we should go right away!"Twilight skipped to the giant front doors.

"I suppose..." String Play carried after her, but he stopped as soon as he saw the sun. It gleamed brightly, and, even though it hurt his eyes to look at it, he stared into it.

"The sun... I haven`t seen it in years..." he sighed, but caught up with Twilight. A cold shiver shook his tiny spine, but he paid it no heed.
This pony, um...

"What`s your name?" String Play asked, realizing he never got it.

"Twilight Sparkle" She smiled.

"Okay. Thank you", right. Twilight would protect him. From that man, er pony.

"Here we are! You ready?" Twilight asked, clearly excited.

"I guess. Why are you so happy?" String Play asked.

"I`ve loved this place since I was foal!" she yipped.

"Great... Just, be aware, okay? I`d rather not die again" Twilight was still overly confused about the filly`s attitude about dying, but continued inside the Pizzeria.

"Let me look around a bit first, I may know remember where I was killed..." String Play began to walk around the Pizzeria, noting every detail and crack, every.... Smell, and filly.

String Play began to aimlessly walk towards a small sign that said 'coming tomorrow!'.
A large banner hung above it reading 'Prize Corner'.

"This is where I spent all those nights" String sighed.

"What are those nights?" Twilight asked. Was he a home-less filly?

"You really wanna know? Come here, i`ll show you" String motioned her with one hoof. Twilight walked over to a large present box that was about her size.
The filly opened the box with a small button, revealing something that devastated Twilight.

A puppet, much like the filly himself. The only difference was the puppet had longer legs, and an indefinite smile. It looked older too.

"Th-that`s you?!" Twilight Sparkle gasped.

"Hush! They`ll hear you" String Play snapped, but then thought for a second, "What`s the date?!".

"The, um... It`s the 5th".


"Oh! June". String Play`s eyes were widened in surprise. He mumbled something to himself, but repeated again.

"I`m still alive".

"Um, excuse me?" Twilight asked, perking an ear towards String Play.

"This must be the same Pizzeria we were all killed in!" String Play shot up, joy and fury both on his face at once.

"EXCUSE ME?!" Twilight lowly shouted.

"Oh, right. Um... You know the puppet now. I`m him, well i`m not but I am. Another version of me is still alive. He`s due to die in two days" String Play became serious again.

"And in order to save him, he need watch me- him- every day. Meaning, yes. I have to come back every day" He sighed.

"Um, i`m confused... There`s two of you? I would have heard about that by now-" Twilight was cut off.

"He doesn`t look like me! I don`t what he would look like but I know he`s somewhere around here right now..." String Play said as he began to trot around. Surprisingly, he had only fallen once since learning how to walk like a pony.

"I was hanging around every day because this boy named Trevor was supposed to have a birthday party", String continued, "But you see, he was almost killed on his birthday. His brothers took him up to Fredbear, and then the animatronic bit his head".

Twilight cringed, but String Play seemed to have to emotions about it.

"He`s not here, I know that for sure. The thing is, he HATES Freddy Fazbears Pizza. HATES it. This place is gonna close down soon, so the employees are gonna bring FredBear out on that day, to celebrate the last birthday party of Freddy`s. My puppet won`t even be out for a week before the place gets closed down. Heh" String Play chuckled a little bit.

"So, you really know the future, huh?" Twilight commented.

"Yeah, I do".

String Play made his way over to a small group of fillies.

"H-hello?" he asked.

They looked at him, most scared, but a smaller crimson one stepped forth.
He wore a fake eye patch.

"Hey`a there, matey!" the filly impersonated Foxy terribly.

"Hi... Crimson fox?".

"Yeah, how`d you know my name?!" Crimson was took back.

"I, um, heard it earlier, I thought you looked cool?".

A small yellow filly giggled.

"Cool, wanna join us?!" she grabbed String`s hoof.

"Sure!" String smiled. A taller brown filly continued his discussion, something about a game he made up.
Twilight waited, while listening to the animatronic`s songs and such.
She hummed a few in memory.

But the thought came too her too strongly.

Was String Play really an undead filly?

"Okay, Crimson, hide in front of the Play cove. Cake flower, in front of Toy Chica`s stand, you, Music ruff, bonnie`s. And you? hmm... Where do we put String Play?" The brown filly asked.

"Ooh! I know! What about Balloon boy`s stand!" Cake Flower chipped in.

"No no... He looks nothin` like Balloon Boy!" the male filly retorted.

"I can go to the prize corner if that`s alright, Cocoa song" String Play answered.

"We don`t even know which character`ll play there though" Cocoa, the brown filly, replied.

"Oh, I do. He looks much like me".

"Yeah, and it`s a good starting place too! Let`s go!" Music ruff cried. A small golden male filly walked up to them.

"Um, can I play?" he asked softly.
Cocoa laughed, ruffling the fragile filly`s hair.

"`course you can, little bro! Why don`t you start with me, near Toy Freddy?" the small golden filly brightened up within moments.

"Thank you!" He yipped.

"Cool, we got a security guard in the office, no pony cared when he walked back there!" Cocoa cried happily.
String Play paused.

"Where`s Mangle?!" he asked hurriedly.

"Mangle? In the Play Cove, why?" Cake Flower asked.

"I`ll be in the game in a sec! Just wait please!" String bound off towards the lit up room. Once he entered, he made sure no fillies were around. And none were, because a large party was being held in the party room.

He made his way towards the pull apart put together mare.
She was a white robot, with a pink bow and remnants of a heart on her chest.

Though pretty did NOT describe her.
She was missing an eye, had an extra limb where her back would have been, which stretched out like an arm and held a small circle with her missing eye on it.
She had one back leg, with a cracked thigh circle. It held onto loose flammable wires that hinged to a broken hoof.

"I`m sorry, Mangle" he sighed. Sudden emotion met his eyes.

"i`m sorry... Petal Rose" He placed a hoof to Mangle. She made a small jerk, and began to recite regular voice box coding, including Ten-1.
String Play ignored it though, and proceeded to take the plastic eye ball from the sphere.

He placed it in the left socket that lined Mangle`s eyes, clicking it in place.

"That`s the least I can do for you..." String sighed.
Mangle looked around, even though her power was supposed be off, as if testing her second eye out. She smiled slightly.

"Th-Thank you..." she mumbled before turning off again. String Play just stood there for a moment, relaxed at finally being able to help her out.

"Hey, String Play!" Music Ruff yelled from around the corner.

"Uh, coming!" he shouted back, before giving one last look at poor Petal`s form. With a sagged gallop, he rushed to his spot.

"Ready!" he called out.

"Good! Now go!!!" Cocoa shouted as all the fillies began to slowly make their way to the office. They had to act real, so String Play thought he`d play JUST like the puppet.

"A note to you, dear guard! keep that purple box wound up, alright?!" he cried, making sure that poor filly heard him.

"O-okay?" He responded, though String Play could barely hear him.

"Good, it`ll keep me away! Don`t forget though, because if the music stops, i`ll get you!".

"Okay... I th-think" he stammered.

Cocoa had already begun making his way slowly, but loudly, over to the security filly, whom flashed a small light on him.
Cocoa rushed away, but then again that made room for Music ruff to climb the right vent. A musty sulfur smell filled the metal pipe though.
Once he was caught with the light, he rushed away, while yelling something.

"Don`t go in the vents! They stink!!!". No pony payed heed to his comment of course.

The filly wound up my box every so often. But then, as I thought he`d of... He forgot. Being busy with Music ruff and Cake Flower, I snuck into left vent. It smelled too, but I had to ignore that.

In a high, creepy voice, String Play sung a small tune, " Swing around the Rosy, Pockets full of posy..." He crept out of the left vent and into the main hallway, where he proceeded to come closer to the filly, blending with the shadows as he did.

"... And we all, " he prepared a jump, "Fell..." He rose his head.

"DOWN!!!" he cried as he lunged onto a small blue filly. The filly screamed like a mare, and as soon as they hit the floor, String Play got off.

"Got yeah" he smiled.

The male filly gasped for air, but soon got up and began to laugh, a tiny high pitched laugh.
The rest of the 'characters' showed up, and they all joined in with a bit of chatter.

"Cake Flower! It`s time to go!" A light purple mare called out from the front door.

"Will we see you tomorrow?" she asked String Play, whom nodded.

"Most definitely" he replied.

"Good" She answered, before running off to the front door.

"That means me and Goldy here should go too then" Cocoa sighed, "we need to get home!".
His brother, Goldy, the small golden colt, shrugged as they began to walk off with Music Ruff.

"See you guys tomorrow!" String Play yelled.

Crimson Fur remained, but there wasn`t really anything to do. They rough played a little, and talked about Foxy, the old animatronic, but really besides that, they just hung out.

"I should get home" Crimson finally stated.

"Me too" String Play sighed.

"... See you tomorrow though!" the small red colt brightened up.

"Yeah! Bye!" String Play yipped, before heading over to Twilight. She nodded when he came up beside her, and they walked outside together.

"I`m surprised you let me play that long" String commented.

"You seemed to know them somehow. I decided it`d be best for you to stay. After all, you proved that you look like an animatronic, why not give you the treat?" Twilight nudged him, her voice happy, but a little cracked. String Play took notice of it, too.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I`ll tell you about it later. Hey, um, who were they anyways? They didn`t know you, but you SURE knew them!".

"Them?... Their the five children that are going to be murdered in four days" he sighed.

Author's Note:

I just noticed my BIGGEST error... I used filly, a female child pony name... I`ll make sure to use colt now~:twilightsheepish: