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This small group was made for the end of FNaF. It's for the fans that will NEVER leave~
Basically, consider this your shelter from the increasing pace of people leaving the Five Night's at Freddy's fandom.

So please, sit and talk. Or read. Just please follow these rules-

1- no NSFW outside of the OM folder. It's for overly mature stories.
2- don't gang up on somepony here. This is supposed to be a safe place...
3- DO NOT RP. Or else you'll be banned (I can't risk Meeester getting on my flank AGAIN whence I could not find the rule before hoof)
4- Please don't join if you hate FNaF. There's no reason too...?
5- If you have no idea what FNaF is, welcome!
6- rule 5 wasn't even a rule, nor was 4
7- please don't spam. Or you'll be banned. Seriously. One or two warnings, and then bam. Your out.

Any stories not in the OM folder may also go in the main folder~
EX- Super sad one's stories would also go into the main folder

Cover pic is by me, the profile pic goes to it's rightful owner~

and watch out for Foxy~

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