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I have the ambition and the drive. · 4:48am Apr 30th, 2017

I am recreating a board game that was not originally popular, and I plan to make it popular again.

This board game is Dungeon Dice Monsters. Originally from the TV show YuGiOh, copyrighted by Konami Inc., Dungeon Dice Monsters is a strategy role-playing board game with dice.
If anyone is interested in playing thus game, let me know by message or comment and I will personally send you the list of rules for the game.
If anyone is interested in donating to my cause please let me know and I will discuss that with you. Any donations are appreciated.

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Heh, why not. I like obscure table-top games. I mean, seriously, how many people here can say they've heard of Mekton?

I ones made my own version of that game with a Chess-Piece and a Blokus Game !

4514591 How are you doing the game ?

4514594 Well, I need funding, but I plan to build the entire game from wood and plastic.

4514596 and the monsters the Dices, the way they open up.


Oh no

:fluttershysad: :fluttershbad: :fluttershyouch: :fluttercry:

I remember watching an episode dedicated to Dungeon Dice, though I was never ever to play it myself or find any actual games for it that weren't the episodes themselves. I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

4514600 it'll be difficult, but I aim to create plenty of foldable dice.

4514605 it might take a long time, I don't have any donations yet, and I plan to make the game very accurate to the episode.

4514612 Please show us when they are done

4514662 I will, but only if I still use fimfiction and I don't lose any followers. This will take a REALLY long time. Without money from donators.

I remember that game. I even use to have a set for it.

I wonder how his progress goes for the game since it's been awhile. Hope it's going well for him.

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