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Finishing the letter, Luna asked. "Did you know that Tarturus could...."

"No Sister, I did'nt" Came Celestia's reply.

Learn something new every day :moustache:

"Half Illithid, sister, she cannot produce more like her."

So basically, Luna and Celestia practically commited genocide agains an entire species :ajsleepy:

"Then, younger sister mine, we will find out what barbecued Callamari tastes like."

So you really have no problem with commiting complete genocide :trixieshiftright:


What does this mean ?

Author's Note:

Just to be clear, I have no idea where this story is going.

If you'll permit me to be a little philosophical.

Then let us blindely stumble forward, and see what the future has in store for us. :twilightsmile:



Best guess 'what would Princess Twilight Sparkle do'?

Indeed What Would Princes Twilight Sparkle Do is indeed what it means. And technically it is not Genocide it is Xenocide. Which I would recommend a book series from Orson Scott Card, the first of which is called Ender's Game. Illithids are like the Formics, with a few differences. First is that any pure blooded Iliithid can repopulate the entire race. Their Life cycle does not require sexual reproduction, It does however require living sapient beings that the spawn can burrow into the brains of and consume so that they can achieve adult form and Sapience themselves. This is something that is part of their biology, furthermore pure blood Ilithids consume only one thing, the brains of sapient creatures. In all cases, both in reproduction and in feeding the one being consumed must be both conscious and alive for the Ilithid to either move on in its life cycle and to get any sustenance. Ach'rd'oa being a Half Illithid means that she can both eat other food and can not produce more illithids. However I never said that she couldn't reproduce in other ways, Illithids are natural quite Xenophobic and it took Ach'rd'oa quite a long stay in Tarturus to get over it. She would however not consider any children she could produce in this way part of her race, She would consider them to be part of the race she bred with. Ach'rd'oa herself is a product of a accident of the Illithid life cycle, in other words she was in fact born of a spawn that murdered a sapient, then changed to take over the corpse once the brain was consumed. But it is going to be part of the next chapter so I will not give spoilers on what makes her half illithid as opposed to full. Illithids are bad news and if you find any the only option is to eradicate them, with prejudice, before they enslave, experiment on or eat you. The Illithids themselves will give you no other option, especially since they consider all other races beasts of burden at best and food at worst. Celestia and Luna are giving her a chance, but only if she doesn't seek to raise a race that is so evil that the Far Realms itself, place of madness and evil, forced them to leave.

Yeah i can see why they warrented an extreme reaction from Celestia and Luna.

Also, i hope that you bring up their feelings on the matter of actually commiting xenocide and what they thought and felt while they were doing it, because unlike Ender, they were fully aware of what they were doing.

I do believe it will be something like this:

Let's go and make friends with her :twilightsmile:

Oh, next chapter is going to be full of fun times. And yes Twilight Sparkle will try, but remember although she does not bear a grudge she does have a couple of centuries of trauma to get over. In that city, if Ach'rd'oa doesn't want to be found, she honestly won't be. Hell even getting in is going to be impossible. So there will be many uncomfortable times. Oh, Thing about Illithids, heavily Psionic, and Ach'rd'oa is both a skilled Psion and a natural born Sorceror, in short a Cerebramancer. So when the woman wants some alone time she is going to get it. I will probably post her stats when I create them, just so you can all realize how op she actually is going to be. Thing is she will actually be using her powers and abilities very little. This is more going to be about dealing with greif and trauma then it is anything else. More so I am really looking to work on an OC that could be a romantic interest, or if anyone has any cannon character ideas I may go with that too.

I am more interested in how you will explain her being a half-breed since the reproductive cycle of the Illithids doesn't leave room for "mixing", the only reasonable "accident" that I can think of would be something similar to the parasites from the anime Parasyte, in which they take over the host(humans) by replacing the brain but leave the rest of the body untouched, thus not affecting the original reproductive system allowing them to breed normally, the host not a parasite, and give birth to normal human babies.

Also, all those mentions to dreamless sleep dreaming city feel like a reference to Cthulhu Mythos, more specifically to Cthulhu himself and the city of R'lyeh, if the name Ry'll'Ch is anything to go by.

I am drawing from a number of places. Illithids are from D&D, while the dreaming city is both a nod to HP Lovecraft, and a foreshadowing of things to come. I often combine the two whenever I use Illithids within D&D so that is coming through here. The entire thing is my own creation but I always love throwing Easter eggs and odd references into things to see who will get what.

As to your other answer, #@#@##$%$%. I can only blame myself, I gave too much away. The whole process is like Parasyte with the difference being that the host was old enough to not be destroyed by the process of infection, while being young enough to fight off some of it. Since the life cycle conversion happens simultaneously as a physical consumption as well as a viral infection meant, that though her body was not completely converted, her DNA was tainted. Tainted in such a way that would allow passing that taint along to children through childbirth. None of which will ever be capable of producing Illithids to any degree. Such taint past the third generation is recessive but in the first and second is dominant. However, Ach'rd'oa's case is excessively rare, made even more so by the violent Xenophobia of her people. However her great Psionic and Arcane potential, along with the fact that she could not spread her "Taint" any farther, being according to Illithid society sterile, allowed her to survive and even attain a level of power and influence. Does that answer your question?

Indeed it does, and I know what is like to put as many references as you can while you are writing a story especially considering that said references are to the inspirations the first place, I kinda do the same in my stories so I approve.

being according to Illithid society sterile,

Not that surprising considering that their society would only consider only the ability to produce more of themselves as breeding so from their point of view she might as well be sterile, in fact, I can see them considering another species developing in her body a tumor that must be removed at best and an incurable disease to which would result in them trying to "put her out of her misery" at worst.

The Princess of the Day, paused, why would there be another name on the letter? Cadance was a princess of a lesser kingdom, so it wouldn't have been addressed to her. In fact the only Princess that might have gotten...... the......... letter...... was... "HOLY FUCK SHIT CRAP SUCK. PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE GOT THE SAME LETTER!!!!!"

Time for things to go downhill, uphill, lefthill, righthill and all the hills between :pinkiecrazy:

This chapter felt kinda slow, it was funny though.

Yeah, needed it I felt for the set up. It was also how thebstory wanted to told. This is another one where I am not sure if I am telling the story or if I am somehow listening to some overarching narrative within reality that is whispering this directly to my subconcious.

Two things to mention about this:
1.It should be "Yeah, needed it I felt for the setup. It was also how the story wanted to tell. This is another one where I am not sure if I am telling the story or if I am somehow listening to some overarching narrative within a reality that is whispering this directly to my subconscious."

2. Blame the plot bunnies.

1. Dude, I do most of my comment replies on my phone, I have really big fingers, makes being grammatical difficult.

2. However I am glad to see that you have devoloped some truly wonderful critiqing skills, bravo!

3. Not so much Plot bunnies as I no longer have any idea about where this story is going to go. My narrative, that is the one that I had originally planned, has gone out the window and even I have no clue what is about to happen. I love it. This is shaping up to purely be one I do for fun. One that it decides where it wants to go, what its ultimate destiny is. The only thing I know for certain is that I should really change this from teen to mature because I had a dream of Ach’ro’da doing wonderfully beautiful things to pinkie involving the illitihids mouth tentacles applied to the party planners plump plot lips. And the entirety of this fic has come from my dreams. So we are all going to be slideing down the rabbit hole. And other holes besides. But don’t worry, the only non consent will be between dash and sparkle. Although, only because Dash will not get a chance to recover from Twilight’s subconcious affections long enough to give consent, even thought the rainbow maned speedster would really have no objections. And Ach’ro’oa will find a special somepony, just it will not be pinkie. It will be an OC, the rough picture is in my head, he almost speaks to me, but only almost, unless of course someone suggests a better idea. (Not Pinkie)

I too do a lot of my writing on the phone and I'm don't have small hands either, sorry if it sounded like I was nitpicking but I tend to be critical of my own grammar to help me write better. Besides, I too write my stories —all four of them— just for fun and as I go along for the ride, it's just that I have the habit of writing whatever idea I have on reminders on my phone and later see what I can add or not, the wonders of Google Drive on both my phone and computer. Out of curiosity, is English your first/main language? Even if isn't I can recommend a wonderful app and program to help correct little mistakes that are overlooked, its called Grammarly —don't worry its free— and it saved me a lot of trouble when I type on my phone and on my computer since English isn't my first/main language.

The sad thing is that English is indeed my primary Language. I have been considering gramerly for a while. However where we differ in our techniques is that I type all of my stories directly to the website. I do have Google Drive, but it just became easier to use this platform for posting. As well as Fanfiction.net for my stories there, as opposed to having to transfer stories between at least two, possibly three, websites. Which unfortunately, means that I am at risk for losing a considerable amount of progress if, say for some ridiculous reason, this or another website objects to having more then one window open of the same story at the same time. Which, honestly, the great thing about google docs is that it saves everything across the board, You have a little extra work in the transfer, but I tend to risk losing a lot more by doing things my way. For me it is worth it as I don't have a lot of time, sometimes in my day, minutes can matter during the week. For most individuals, the extra security and use is worth it. But thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.

I too type directly on the website, Grammarly works directly on the browser as an extension of Google Chrome and has an auto-correction feature in the text boxes, I myself use it to write both the comments and the stories of the site. You can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

It also works on Fanfiction if you are wondering. Unfortunately, it conflicts with the auto-correction of Google Docs so it won't work there.

I thought Mind Flayers were always male. And what does her Elder Brain think of all of this?

Illithids are nether. She happens to be an abberation. And her elder brain is dead. Het power level was just off the charts. Mostly this plays closer to how I use Illithids then d&d canon.

No, the entire race is made up of hermaphrodites capable of self-fertilization, then they lay a lot of eggs from where tadpole-like larvae emerge, then the tadpoles are kept in the elder brain tank, where they were fed brains by caretakers and engage in cannibalism for around 10 years. The elder brain also feeds exclusively on tadpoles and the tadpoles that manage survive to maturity are placed through the ceremony called ceremorphosis, where they are implanted in a humanoid victim to devour its brain, taking its place and merging with the body and transforming it into a new Illithid, however, only some humanoid species were suitable hosts for Illithid tadpoles and sometimes, quite rarely in fact, through ceremorphosis, a more powerful form known as a Ulitharid is created, which is a biologically bigger, stronger, more powerful and cunning than regular mind flayers, essentially the nobles of Illithid society, which occur on 0.1% of the tappoles that survive long enough to undergo ceremorphosis.

I actually found a list of half-illithid, however, this only occurs when they use a host that is not compatible with the larvae, also they are collectively called ceremorphs, here:
Tzakand - When they use a Lizard man.

Mozgriken - When they use a gnome, more specifically a deep gnome.

Mindwitness - When they use a beholder.

Uchuulon - When they use a chuuls.

Urophion - When they use a roper.

As you can see a half-illithid or ceremorphs only occurs when a non-human, or a race extremely close to it, is not used during ceremorphosis.


Wow, the level of research skill you too have, as well as geek cred is impressive, most impressive. However, I am using a slightly less restrictive version. One that I had to shoehorn together from multiple sources, from across multiple versions of D&D. I will take us all through Ach'rd'oa's birth when she meets Pinkie. As in, she is going to show the Pink Party Pony the entirety of it. Twilight nor the other mane 6 will not be involved, mainly because Alicorns freak her out still and the others, well she's a high level telepath, so has already scanned them and found them a little wanting. But, no one can hate Pinkie. Because she won't let you!!!!!

Well, that information is mainly from Forgotten Realm.


As we will all see things are going to work a little differently here.


... keep up the good work.:yay:

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea where this story is going. I have to do some heavy duty edits, as well as clean a bit of this up. I really wanted to have them have met Ach’rd’oa in the second chapter and have moved past that to the man part of the story. But somehow these chapters want to go off in their own direction and I let them. By the way the Rainbow Dash Gag and the mention of Luna’s Barista are both refrences to this story, Her Royal Morning Coffee. I honestly have no idea why it keeps showing up here, but it won’t stop. Not that I have been really trying to stp it either. With this story I kind of just place my hands on the keyboard and start typing, soon a direction appears and I follow it as far down the rabbit hole as I can, for as long as I can.

I know the feeling, it's the "go with the flow" kinda thing. I write like that as well and I also like the references.

Bit short but nice to see this going.

Yeah, I hope to start picking this and my other stuff back up soon. My time is getting eaten by other responsibilities, so it's hard sometimes to write as much as I prefer.

Continuing to Pronk after Rainbow Dash, the Alicorn of Lesbian Self Denial remarked, "But, keep that a secret. My master isn't ready to announce herself, just yet. She still has issues with her mom."

Ahhh, Sunset :twilightsmile:

I didn't go to heavy on those allusions? I was a little worried that perhaps I dwelt to much on them, went a little heavy handed as it were.

lol...by her speech alone, luna still doesn't have room to talk. her speech makes it sound personal, and bias

Everything important is. No one is capable of being objective, especially over something like this. As should be the case. The Scientific Method accounts for this by holding the work of one up to the scrutiny of many. Thus taking advantage of the subjective nature of people. In so doing we get an objective, verifiable result. But anything worth killing over had better be subjective, because the only things worth killing for are the protection of others, the elimination of a threat, or a great evil. All of which are excessively subjective.

But they are still willing to give Ach'rd'oa a chance. That is what makes Celestia and Luna different from others. They acted to do what they felt the had to do, but now that they have a choice they are cautious but willing. Even wanting to help a former enemy.

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