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A New Strategy · 10:53pm Dec 31st, 2019

My natural inclination when writing is to produce a lengthy story and upload it all at once. However, it takes me a long time to write 10-20 thousand words and I often run out of interest part way through or become busy with something else and only get back around to the same story after some time. Therefore I do not write as much or as often as I am able because I become disinterested in yet another project which I will spend months on in secret before it is reveled to the world. So, my new

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Are you currently open for more ideas?

Darn. It ended on such a hanger. Never got to see what Celestia did with Lunas panties

I thank you for the kind words, I have recently made some progress on chapter 3 of A Diapered Idea, but lately progress has been hard to come by as it has been a very busy semester. I'm graduating in May, and nothing else is as important as completing my course and thesis work. Therefore, diapered ponies are pretty far down on my list of responsibilities, and so I'm often too tired to do much by the time I'm free to write anything. Having said that, Christmas vacation is coming up soon, and hopefully even more will be written. I plan to have chapter 3 out before the the end of the year. As for A Messy Moon, I currently have no plans to revisit that story. It was a little thing I wrote years before I bothered to upload it here and, while it was fun to work on, I have newer, more interesting story ideas to pursue.

Any messy updates coming? You are the best scat writer on Fimfiction IMO. Would love to see A Messy Moon update.

Well, I still have a few ideas for fics.
I'll send one later when I'm more awake.

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