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In this group we check and suggest some areas that need improvement in the story. We do not tolerate the fallowing.
1. Editing other users' stories without permission
2. Harassment of other users
3. Defacing other users stories
4. Stories with sexual features to them
If any of the fallowing is done, you will be given a 'drop down' in the group. If there are complaints of any other acts reported to the Founder and he sees them to be a misbehavior that should not be down, you will get a strike, 3 warnings is one drop down and if you get enough drop downs you will be banned. You have a chance to say otherwise though.

There are ways to become a higher level in the group.
A user is level one.
A contributor is level two.
And an admins is level three.

You can get higher levels by notifying me when some one isn't fallowing rules and by posting stories as well as following the rules. If you get dropped down you can still get back up levels preventing you to get banned. A new member has a three excuses that will expire on the on the third day of him/her joined time. The excuses allow to be excused from your misbehavior since you are new.

---You must be included on helping people with their stories in order to stay. Check the Forum to find people that need help. You create things for people to help you on. But you at the very least must help other people. If you do not you will be removed after two weeks.---

If you have any problems or comments about this group PM me (Light and Dark)

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