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This takes place between Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 of Jake and the Kid, and while it establishes certain events, you don’t need to read it to keep up with the parent story, and outside of some inside jokes, will not affect the plot of the principal story or any sequels.

Contains BDSM references, but nothing I would consider clop. No graphic depictions of hot and sweaty activity. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I've decided to change the rating to Teen/sex, because there isn't any clop. Just a lot of talk about clop, sort of, and I think I may have gotten some down votes for misleading advertising. -_-;;;

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Is that Green Grass?


Maaayyyybbbbeeeee.^_^ Don't read too much into it. Like it said, one of many possible futures.

This story's rating could be Teen or Mature, but it needs the Sex tag.

Nice story though!


Ok, if you think it needs it. There is nothing that graphic, but there is a discussion of sexual behavior so I'll add the Sex tag

4052967 The sex tag does not mean sex itself, otherwise the minimum rating for having it would be Mature, not Teen. Fics with characters cracking sex jokes are generally rated Teen/Sex. Compare TMI and Of Birds and Bees and Awkward Things for stories about similar discussions.


Good to know. I used the mature tag to be safe. Didn't realize that you could use the sex tag to indicate naughty discussions. I didn't want to have people reading it expecting clop, and being disappointed when there was none, but didn't want them thinking it was as mild as Jake and the Kid if they were a fan of that story line and getting a big shock when they read it.

Ooo! I'm a sucker for a good romance. Again, moar, pls! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


maybe someday if the inspiration takes me.

A "soft whinny" is a "nicker".


Thanks. Noticed a few other typos when I refreshed my memory in regards to this story. I'll have to go over it fully when I have time.
Any other mistakes you notice and care to point out would be appreciated.

need to be continued

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