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Twilight Sparkle has always loved star gazing. She loves watching the stars, studying them, and mapping out charts. Princess Luna knows this, and she can see it in Twilight's dreams. Luna decides that there may be a chance that the Princess of Magic could possibly return her feelings. So Luna visits Twilight one night as she is stargazing.

A/N: This story is a TwiLuna shipfic. Enjoy!

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Delightfully fluffy. If you write anything else like this, i'll be sure to give it a read!

I liked this very much, especially the scene where Twilight brings out the stars. However, as you are looking for constructive criticism, I will share my discontents.

I felt that Celestia and Rarity's reaction to the con.fessions to be a little bit unrealistic. I can not imagine that Celestia would have such a nonchalant attitude toward her sister's crush on her prized student, especially considering the age and power difference. Celestia strikes me as somepony who would try to be a little bit more protective of Twilight, and seeing her give what amounts to dating advice to Luna was quite jarring. As for Rarity, I would expect her to be more flabbergasted, instead she is treating a potential relationship with a goddess of the night as simply another oppurtunity for helping Twilight with her love life.

Don.'t get me wrong, I love Twiluna, but I prefer it when the exceptionality of their relationship is at least aknowledged. Perhaps I am expecting to much from a light, fluffy, shipfic.

What I did like was how you characterized Luna. The coupling of her regal speech patterns with her infatuation with Twilight evokes a sense of combined childness and ancientness, which is very true to the show, especially in Nightmare Night.

Wow nice one. If there is one thing I know about twilight it's that she now acts like a bridge to the two alicorns to mend the bond after those 1000 years apart. Plus am I the only one who noticed that since cadence was celestia's niece twilight is now celestia's niece in law? Twilight had shown Celestia is seen like a second mother with her behavior around said former rose haired princess. Plus so far twilight is Luna's best friend since that one day I'm surprised she hasn't thought of taking up a student herself. Because right now twilight is Luna's only friend.

Nothing can't ever beat a good and fluffy TwiLuna. :heart: And I know I might get much hate from this, but I think TwiLuna is much better now that Twilight is Alicorn (THE WING CUDDLES HAVE BEEN DOUBLED!). But I don't think she really is immortal, probably just lives longer than regular ponies (although Megan has said otherwise :derpytongue2:).

Very d'aww good job hope to expect more.

3894814 I totally agree

3898769 I might in the future

Need More TwiLuna So. :twilightsmile:

I liked the fic and it was lovely to read, but I do have a bit of criticism for you.
While reading the story I got the distinct impression that you want to relay too much information too clearly, making the whole piece a little lacking in surprising (and exciting) elements.

Keep up the good work and I would love to read some more.

"You know I've always enjoyed reading and studying over pursing romantic interests."
This was a little off-putting to me, I mean, if this is the view she holds, then why would she ever want to pursuit a relationship with anypony?

It's a beautiful little story, maybe a little fast-paced, but still smile-inducing.

You only need to think of something that you truly love, and you can move the stars.

That, on the other hoof, made me genuinely concerned. I actually imagined stars swirling the skies at random, pushed by unicorns all around Equestria. It's a nice catch, but I think, I prefer Luna handling the nightsky on her own. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you.

This was such a beautiful story.

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