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A continuation of “Jake and the Kid”
You really need to read that story first.

Goose Down wanted to be a Guard Pony more than anything else in her life, just like her Father, numerous uncles, and six big brothers. Unfortunately she was small, a Nocturne Mare, and, oh yes, had a phobic fear of the open sky.

Combined that with her mistake of getting in the wrong job application line at the palace and ending up a maid, things look very dim indeed in regards to realizing her dream.

On the plus side, she works for the Princess of Dreams. So maybe, with a little help from her friends, and a very different type of princess, she will manage to achieve her heart’s desire.

With a few minor modifications.

Proofed and contributed to by Georg, who also graciously allowed me to steal some of his better characters. Georg really needs a co-writer credit on this. He contributes so much during his pre-reading that the stories simply would not be the same without him.

Be sure to catch his Nocturne stories, especially Diplomacy by Other Means.

Chapters (17)

This takes place between Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 of Jake and the Kid, and while it establishes certain events, you don’t need to read it to keep up with the parent story, and outside of some inside jokes, will not affect the plot of the principal story or any sequels.

Contains BDSM references, but nothing I would consider clop. No graphic depictions of hot and sweaty activity. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I've decided to change the rating to Teen/sex, because there isn't any clop. Just a lot of talk about clop, sort of, and I think I may have gotten some down votes for misleading advertising. -_-;;;

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A young human girl runs away from home with her best friend, and finds herself much further from home than she ever expected. Her arrival in Equestria will cause ripples that affect ponies from the lowest to the highest.

Meanwhile, a young Nocturne mare begins an epic quest to earn the right to clean Princess Luna's porcelain throne.
Be sure to check out the Continuation. "How to Train Your Batpony" Not a Clopfic!

Let me extend thanks to Georg for letting me play with some of his characters and situations, and for proof reading and contributing some really good lines here and there.

Secondly, I would recomend reading some of his stories to better understand the jokes and situations that pop up in my story. Most especially I would advise you read A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard and possibly Genealogy (or the mating habits of Nocturnes Pegasi) (which is very long)

Chapters (24)
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