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Give me an eternity, I'll give you an update!


Because I have such wonderful content to share, like...like...

Okay, I'm lying. I have nothing. I have been spending every free moment playing FFXIV, trying to get ready for the next expansion. Whenever I try to quit, I get sucked back in. Whenever I think I'm close to done, I discover another fifty more things I have to do to be sufficiently ready. I am trying to get all my crafting classes leveled, which has driven me to madness managing my ever-shrinking inventory while picking up the fifty ingredients I need to cook a steak.

...I am a disappointment to the writing world, aren't I? I mean, I had a MLP X Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fic in the works (still do), and I was trying to get more work done on Sunset's continued torment, but...you know, I'm not going to even say it anymore. Even thinks it and knows it.

This has also left the episode reviews lagging behind. I have been catching every episode, and yes, that includes the ones being aired early. So far, I've enjoyed them all. The one that aired on Discovery Kids this week was probably my least favorite of the season so far, and I still thought it was mostly fun if a bit flawed. I will be finishing the reviews, I swear. Just...give me a moment to try crafting those three high-quality Intelligence Dissolvents again...

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182 weeks later, i finish Blueblood. goddamn.

#153 · 84w, 3d ago · · ·


I'm not exactly proud of quite a few of them, but yeah, I've done a lot.

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592 blogs holy shit.

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"Just a pointless idiot." Lol,  I don't think that an idiot would be able to write what you do so don't be so hard on yourself."Yes, I have a blog here. Why? Because torturing you all with my fics doesn't bring me nearly enough satisfaction." Lol, I like your sense of humor! My only suggestion on how to improve your stories is diction.diction.diction. I cannot stress enough how much better you and your stories will sound when you use superior vocabulary choice. When I'm writing,  I use a thesaurus to help me(however you should be sure to look up examples of the word that you intend to use in a sentence so you can understand it instead of blatantly inserting it.)  I love your work and I hope that you keep staying awesome!À brohoof pour vous /)

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Glad we can agree on that. Don't hold back because this Fiendship series has been slightly disappointing to me.

Also hope things go easier for you in the future.

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