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-Cloud 9-

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have started to date recently, but so have Applejack and Rarity. Should the couples tell their friends about their relationships? And if so, how will the rest of the Mane Six react to hear that their friends are not only romantically interested in other mares, but are dating each other?

Actual Publish Dates
Ch.1: And So It Begins... - Feb. 2, 2012
Ch.2: Keeping Your Composure - Feb. 6, 2012
Ch.3: Setting the Stage - Feb. 12, 2012
Ch.4: Activate Stealth Mode - Feb. 20, 2012
Ch.5: Justice is Served - March 7, 2012
Ch.6: Introduce a Little Anarchy - April 4, 2012

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 181 )

if somepony tries to steal my flutters i will rip out their heart and turn it into a souflae

Very good story. Very lovable. My only comment
"On any normal day Rainbow Dash would love to be shooting through the clouds at sonic speeds, practicing new tricks, or even just enjoying a leisurely fly in the sky, but today was different, today she was not flying with the same joy she usually had when she flew, today she was flying just to get away from it all." seems like long sentence to me. Maybe cut it down?

pertty good if i dont say so myself


it doesn't need cut down, it needs split in two. <_<

I'm not a big fan of Applejack/Rarity shipping, but this is a very good story, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:
The Applejack/Rarity pic is by Prozenconns on DeviantART, I don't know about the other one...

it moves a little fast. Some things could be explained a bit more in detail, like where the actual feelings came from. Also, some grammar errors and I saw a typo or two.

Other than that, good so far. at least, for what i've come to expect from this site. 4.5/5.

I usually hate fan made anything saying that any of the mane six are lesbian, but I loved this one. You have some talent.
:ajsmug: :heart: :duck:

:twilightblush: :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Already know someone who's got her. Sorry.

I know! But whenever I find a well written ship-fic I tend to ignore the pairings and like the way it's written.


that's like the opposite of me. I tend to frown upon shipping mane six with OCs or side characters. <-<

I love the story. I never thought of any of the ponies could be lesbien but anything is possible. Its a cute story can't wait to read more.:trollestia:

It's a bit rushed, but that seems to be the nature of the beast. You must have had a time fitting both pairings in there. I would have liked to see more time taken for each scene, but there's enough good in them I'm not terribly bothered.

Long chapters are not bad. Especially if they allow you to put everything you want in. :pinkiehappy:
Still quite good, and well written, so it's natural for us to want more.

Haha I guess soon the whole CMC gang will spying on Applejack and Rarity.:pinkiehappy:

My god! That is the LAST time I publish a chapter without letting my beta reader have at it!:twilightblush: Sorry for the grammatical errors, but I think I've fixed most of them now!

@Peofessor Toast

I found a spelling error in one of your sentences.

"I wasent a long kiss,..."

Change "I" to "It".

@Progessor Toast

Hello its me again I found another spelling error.

"Alright Applejack, there's no sense arguing with you, you are the only one I know that is just as stubborn as me, and if you are anything like me at, you will not budge,"

@Progessor Toast

and if you are like me at "all",
other than that I could not find anything wrong. Keep up the good work.

196158 thanks for pointing those out

This story is FANTABULUS, you will right more, right?:pinkiehappy:

206660 third chapter is half way finished! :moustache:

...Those CMC are going to cause so much damn trouble.

I adored this chapter. Perfect pacing, and some nice foreshadowing, too. I like how the two pairs work off of each other, and your dialogue (I don't know particularly why, seeing as after I looked back at the last two chapters it was strong) seems like your best yet. The only thing I could be worried about is how you write the other two mane characters, but I'm not worried at all. Keep it up!

This isn't going to end well. :moustache:

Ohmyohmmyohmy, the CMC are really going to mess things up with the group with the "coming out" party. This is getting very promising.

This story seems to be getting better with each chapter. I was a little iffy on your writing for chapter one, but it has really improved, I think. Maybe I'm just crazy. :pinkiecrazy:

But either way, I can't wait to see what's next!

Oh my Grandma this is will be epic.

Yes it was Pinkie Pie, yes it was...:rainbowlaugh:

God damn it!

I feel like strangling the CMC.

How could you kill such innocent fillies? :scootangel:

Thanks to all of you reading and sticking with my story! It actually means a lot to know that people read, and actually like, what I'm writing!

Now, the question is - did AJ get a chance to reveal the secret, or not? It could go either way, there....: fluttercry:

you know what I really like this a lot, and I don't see any real OOC at all. I think that they really could talk and acted like that. I can almost see it.

How can you end this chapter like that!! I was o the edge of my seat! and then I was like "what the.. its over?" are you trying to kill me!
what did I ever do to you. :fluttercry:

haha that's why they call it a cliffhanger! :rainbowlaugh:


Ok, then what is it called when a reader throws a smart ass writer off a cliff?


what you call murder Myself and your other readers cal it Justis :pinkiecrazy:

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