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Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.

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    Rainbow Dash suspects Applejack is stealing her oldest friend from her. Is it really that simple?  · Cloudy Skies
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It's still May, right? Right. Good. I'm safe.

"Work on the story progresses". That's the canned phrase, and it holds true. If anyone thinks I'm sitting on my hooves doing nothing, well, I'm not. I don't want to go into details on exactly how much time and effort I'm sinking into this story, but the long and short of it is "a lot".

Presently, the story sits at somewhere between 3/5ths and 4/5ths done, tending closer to the latter by my estimations. Writing is on hold, however, because I've paused to perform the first—and hopefully the biggest single editing pass this story will need. Imagine dragging a huge comb through the entire story. I'm bringing early elements in line, settling things written while later details were still in flux.

It's not very different from rewriting it. Adding segments, or strings of segments, deleting others.

It'll need lots more editing later, make no mistake, but this is the pass that's taken me close to a month so far, and I'm barely coming up on the half-way mark.

Tl;dr? Good money's on this summer, but it sure as hay won't be very soon.

Remind me, have I told y'all what the story is even about? Did I mention the ship and the cast involved, or did I just say "it's probably adventure shipping"? I've lost track of what I've said and what I haven't.

Okay. What else? Not much. For those of y'all who like art, I still upload the stuff I draw over on dA. Drawing helps keep me sane, I think, and most of the stuff has no real value beyond that, but hey. Maybe you find something you like.

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>>2349438 just the announcement was a pick-me-up! Take your time, I can wait!

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>>2343241 That is one damn heavy burden to bear (and far too ambitious a timeline). Can I instead contribute to making 2017 a tiny bit better?

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Well, Cloudy, this is just about the only possible thing that could redeem 2016 at this point, but it's happening!

So I'm pretty pumped.

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>>2339756 I just got your message on dA yesterday, and I was so psyched! It would be a dream come true if you did :rainbowwild:

Don't read mine if you value your brain cells

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>>2339344 Hey, your face, right back at'cha! We'll see if we can't crank out something wordsy again. Maybe I'll even get around to reading your Life of Sin this time, assuming you can promise me it has a happy ending!

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