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NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER!!!!!! · 7:58pm May 17th, 2013

Well it seems that my friend and I have made an account we both share while working on a new story... (think for a second)... Yeah lets see how that goes.

Any way, the new name is Missguided, if anyone wants to help on the story shoot me a PM, we have an idea brewing, but it'll take a few days to finish chapter 1, possibly Sunday. Ill still be on this account, except for when I'm working on the other story...

PS: We have no idea what its about yet, :) but its an idea. Thanks ya'll.

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Comment posted by Atom Flame deleted Aug 20th, 2013

Thanks for the watch!

151998 I try to look past the grammar errors. Plus u have an awesome avatar pic!:pinkiehappy:

... me ish confused... why you following meh? i am currently workin on a story but due to my grammar issues it taking forever....

126421 well thank you kind sir, i havent got a chance yet, but after i finnish a couple stories for my friends, and tell them stuff before they post them, ill get right too reading your stories.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

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