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Dr. Equestria

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A fellow counter-troll? Why hello.


Again, not a problem.

Just give me a bell if you see something that is needing some counter-trolling.

And glad to hear.:twilightsmile:


Well again, thank you for stepping up to the plate regardless. You successfully out-trolled a horrible excuse of a troll. And consider it done! I'm trying to force myself to write something as we speak (we'll see how that goes...).


My friend, you do me a great service by saying so.

I am in fact a huge fan of TwiDash, and I just couldn't standby and let that asshat say that our favourite ship, is in fact impossible.

(You can thank me by updating Jukebox Scribbles, just kidding)

For the great service you have done all TwiDash fans (and all trolls), I follow you. Your comments on the pitiful troll's story were simply hilarious.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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