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NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER!!!!!! · 7:58pm May 17th, 2013

Well it seems that my friend and I have made an account we both share while working on a new story... (think for a second)... Yeah lets see how that goes.

Any way, the new name is Missguided, if anyone wants to help on the story shoot me a PM, we have an idea brewing, but it'll take a few days to finish chapter 1, possibly Sunday. Ill still be on this account, except for when I'm working on the other story...

PS: We have no idea what its about yet, :) but its an idea. Thanks ya'll.

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The Few · 2:33pm Oct 30th, 2012

Just throwing it out there if anyone finds great pics of Princess Luna and her Lunar Guard i would appreciate the links. thank you!!!

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New story!!!!!! · 2:43am Sep 24th, 2012

It's been a while since I posted a story... I've been workin with a friend too write it and I say it's maybe half done. It has no connection to my previous stories, nor is it a twidash or war... Well maybe a little war scene evey now and then... Don't know haven't decided. So here is a snippit from it enjoy.

"Hey, what are you doing here!" a voice behind Knight spoke with the slightest hint of anger. It seemed that everywhere he went without his armor, everyone was hostile. 

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Paying for an artist!!!!!!! · 8:27pm Sep 12th, 2012

I am writing a new fic, taking a break from twidash for a bit, but i need an artist to help me with cover art of my new fic, called "The Few", if i like it ill send them a $10 dollar gift card to Walmart!!!!! Im sorry its not much, but if your interested, and it blows my mind, ill double it. send either an email to me at Camdenn22@gmail.com or message me on here, just put urgent ill read it!!!

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Anyone wanna chat about anything, I'm bored!!!! · 1:50am Aug 8th, 2012

The name says it all, I'm bored and don't care what we talk about, Im at an aunts house an really wanna have some social interaction:/

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I don't write these much but if you liked my stories you might like this. · 2:00am Jul 28th, 2012

Ok like I said before I'm going on a vacation soon, and proably will get limited time on Internet :( Dont worry before I go I plan on haveing chapter 2&3 added to In the home of our princess, or IHOP (Omg it spells ihop, :P) back to business, chapter two is being proof read and chapter 3 might be released on the day i leave, 5 days, I'm trying not to rush it, it causes many mistakes, I'm takeing it nice and easy. Thanks for your moral support!

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A day to remember! · 2:38am Jul 8th, 2012

A day to remember is over, but don't worry, a sequel will be out!!! I'll drop a hint.... It's going to be a good weekend in Cahntorlot. Sorry for the miss spelling.

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The Past Recollects · 12:28am Apr 30th, 2012

I just had a great idea on next chapter and am starting to wright it, you should expect a chapter a week from now on. if you have any ideas, email me.

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Problems. · 7:39pm Apr 26th, 2012

I finially ran out of Word trial time on my laptop, and i will be getting it updated soon, so expect chapter 2 for my story to come out next Thursday.

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Support our Troops. · 7:03pm Apr 25th, 2012

Every Generation of kids grow up, some become lawyers, others doctors, but many become Our Beloved Troops, Show your appreciation by adding the American Flag, and say I support the men and women of our armed forces. May God protect each and everyone. Support Our Troops.

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