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Finally, a group dedicated to (almost) everyone's new favorite waifu! Flash Sentry gets ALL the mares!

Since his first appearance in Equestria Girls as both a human and a pony, Flash, as a character, has taken on a life of his own through people's imaginations and desires. This group is dedicated to the collection of Flash Sentry-starring and featuring novels and short stories written and published here on Fimfiction.com!

So if you're craving to satisfy your lust for Flash, or you simply want to drop your Sentry fic as you pass by, you've come to the right place!

-- Philip Graham; RazorEye

Qualifications for entering your fic here?
Your fic obviously needs to have Flash Sentry in either the starring role or a prominent role in your story. Simple as that! Although if you somehow failed to meet this requirement, i'll make sure we won't be meeting like this ever again!

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A group that actually likes Flash Sentry? :rainbowhuh: I have found my people! :twilightsmile:

In case any of you have a skype, I opened a Flash Sentry fan group on it.

If you wish to join copy and paste this link skype: ?chat&blob=piAGWTwMlifuOQQks3Ms2crAKSKkvGBG8sXlLONB1ngqHV2b-rqDoE87hvcupWmd0nAW0cTOgNTP On the skype text bar and click it.

Also, I have an ask blog for Vinyl and Flash which can be found here

Question? Why is this aloud in the club? It's pretty blatantly anti Flash....

Pony Flash Is OK

Human Flash... ew.



Submitted "A World, Reflected" to this, on the grounds that it's EqG as a magical girl story - and human!Flash is basically just the Tuxedo Mask.

Hello guys! I'm kinda 'new' here. I'll go hurry up on my FlashLight story. Nice to meet you all! :twilightsmile:

353367 Alright thanks again :)

353355 Your welcome! I don't like seeing people doubt themselves and when I have the chance to make them feel better, I take it. :twilightsmile: People need small messages of encouragement to keep going and it always goes a long way. :pinkiesmile:

I also checked out your story and it is not bad. It is pretty well written though the concept needs to be tweaked to please your readers. Like maybe focus more on the emotional aspect of the story then the physical but either way your story is really good!

Keep you head up and keep going,

353287 Wow thx, you made me feel a lot better :3

352407 Hey, don't worry. My story is starring Flash and Twilight and its tough but you get through it. Just keep writing and people will come around. Mine has come a long way, I am now at 28 likes 298 views, though 7 dislikes and a bunch of favourites. Just keep persevering and you'll get to where you want to be and worst comes to worst you stop the story and start a new one. :raritywink:

I have a great story, but people are hating on it cuz Flash Sentry is in it :(

I was going to add my story here, until I realised that it was already here :rainbowlaugh:

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