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I need help with my story. I´m trying to wright it but i have difficulty to get it down on paper. I have to many ideas of what to do with it, right now its a displaced fic with a Star Wars theme an engaged man and a woman go to Equestria and are transformed to Alicorn Jedi, and the woman is pregnant when it happens. I don´t wanna change what aspect of the story because i haven´t seen many fics on the site with that deals with that scenario. If some one is willing help me send me a message. If

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Thank you for adding my story The Unbefuddling of Dudley Dursley to your folders. If you haven't read it, I hope you enjoy it. If you have, what part have you liked most?

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thank you for adding A God Among Ponies to your favorite. I'm relly glad you enjoy it, and I hope you will keep doing so as more chapters are released. :eeyup:

Thank you for the fav

Thank you for adding Fallen Knight to your favorites, i hope you will continue to enjoy it ^^

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