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chapter 2 is up!!! · 9:14pm January 8th

go check it out plz and sorry for taking so long lmao 😅

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Thanks for the follow!

Yeah... In my headcannon for the show (at least, before i read the comics), thats what made Chrysalis so bad. They didn't get to have a culture. They had no books, possessions, freedom. Thats why they act like children.

But yes, I completely agree, but thats what fimfic is for. Every story here is and Alternate Universe born from the collision of Idea and Imagination.

I found this image a while back.

Also deer bug is a reference to Srag Beetle, for anyone who didn't know.

The only thing that I wished was talking about more in the show was how much they lost their culture, and how they’re copying pony traditions because that’s all they know how to do, copy/mimic. It would’ve been nice to have an episode talking about Changeling history and why they should be proud or even acknowledging who they once were, strong warriors (especially with the backstory provided by chrysalis in the comics)

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