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The Changelings 👏DESERVED BETTER👏


The common public of Equestria became fully aware of the existence of Changelings after the siege on Canterlot unaware that their kind had come into contact with these creatures centuries ago; that they were much more similar than they realized. The Changelings have families that they too love and cherish, homes that many would defend with their lives, and sometimes they face struggles that are out of their control.
They live in multiple different countries in the "Far East" from Equestria, each country having its designated hive as the Changeling capital. Often these countries were conquered centuries before by the Changeling race and they assimilated themselves into the culture with ease, making themselves the dominant species in this region.
Changeling society is purely matriarchal, always ruled by an empress without exception, as a result of their insect-like behavior and biological differences between males and females.

The ancient and extremely powerful Empire of Neighpon is currently ruled by the Morifumu Family, known for their immense—and more often than not despised—influence across a multitude of Changeling-dominated nations and hives, making them among the most powerful monarchs in the world.
A war has broken out within one of their colonies, Thay Đổi (a colony within the country Vietrot), caused by an uprising by a mysterious female Changeling who calls herself Chrysalis. This war will in turn affect the Changelings living there, including the main protagonist of this story, the sixteen-year-old Trần Văn Duy.
Duy has lived in the village of Chuồn Chuồn all of his life, and only very recently has started to realize that his way of life isn’t exactly normal. Why can’t he go outside during noon, when the other villagers are out and about? Why must he keep his head low whenever possible, and does this have anything to do with his father’s estranged relationship with who is supposed to be his uncle, Trần Văn Danh?

(Rewrite of ‘Life as a Secret Changeling Prince’)

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Woah! This was definitely an emotional, brilliant start to the story! I can't wait for more!

This is already a huge improvement over the original, and it really shows.

Not only that, you were able to properly display Ume’s toxic relationship with his wife. Poor guy.

I absolutely live for the rare trope of falling for someone before realizing just how horrid they are and regretting it, it hurts my heart in the best possible way (and Ume himself is essentially a Greek tragedy so obviously he’s going to get hit with the brunt of this lmao)

The setting itself probably makes it even more painful for our characters, in which females dominate males almost every way possible.

Interesting to see the side-by-side comparison of the two families. I can definitely see the strained relationship between Duy's "parents" compared to his fiancee's. And yay, Odonata's coming back!! But as his Uncle, hm, this will be interesting...

Could you maybe add more spacing to the story description? it looks like a wall of text.

It feels so long since I’ve heard about Netwing in your stories. Glad to finally see him again.

is your chrysalis here the same as the old stories?you know the supposed equal among genders?

A bit yes but her motivations are much different and what sparked her sudden extremist views, and she becomes a bit more unfair in a different way to sexism (favoritism wise I mean, as shown in the original she clearly favors mantis over the majority of her soldiers for personal reasons). Although I would like for her hive to be glorified much more after the war finishes, kinda like an idealized safe haven (propaganda basically) that isn’t really true with the starvation and fear her subjects face on a daily basis

I have been considering thorax’s arc changing in this universe as well since I genuinely didn’t like how his originally tied up (like I’m sorry the changelings didn’t have to change physically to become good that lowkey ruined the og message from spike and thorax’s episode), kind of like him leading a revolt against her, you know?

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Interesting, so an illegitimate spawn is to be secreted away? One might expect the procedure to be somewhat common, but perhaps these Royals just haven't been in practice from the apparent rarity...

Personally I like to imagine that the royal families of changeling colonies are much more traditional in comparison to the civilians, who while also seeing this as taboo probably would just try their best to avoid the bad luck/curse with prayers and offerings to their gods (they most likely would keep the child unlike the royal family)

Also thank u for commenting :twilightsmile:

Oh, there was a time skip. That wasn't obvious at all actually. 😇
So they hid their shame, he doesn't know his actual heritage? Well, we suppose it's better than active scorn. Slightly....

Ah sorry, should I have made it a bit more obvious that there was a time skip? :twilightsheepish:
It’s partially because I wasn’t sure how to format a time skip without it feeling out of place other than it being suggested through dialogue lol

It took a page or two before we realized. The assumption was that we were just switching over to who would be receiving the grub.

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