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Welcome to Unique Fictions! This is where you can post a story if not enough people write about it! For instance, there are a lot of Human in Equestria stories right? But what if instead of interacting with the Mane6 you would be sent off to Fillydelphia! Doesn't sound all that interesting but it was only an example. Message me if there is a topic you know of that isn't up and I will put it up as soon as I can!

No-No story genres:
Regular HiE (ie. Human dies/finds a portal/just randomly wakes up in Equestria. Ends up in Equestria and hangs with the Mane 6)
Regular TF (ie. Human dies/finds portal/wakes up in Equestria as a pony and hangs with the Mane 6)
Regular Clop (ie. Is in Equestria and gets it on with someone from the Mane 6)
I think you see the pattern here.

Keep your story in the correct genre!
Keep Clop in the Clop folder!
You can interact with the Mane 6 but make it interesting, the universe doesn't love you enough to put you on their doorstep!
No Mary Sue characters!
Story must have at least 5 chapters or be at 10,000 words to post here! (Complete or In Progress)
Story must have decent plot! (I decide what will be in the group. If I think you just put a story together lazily it probably will get removed)

Enjoy guys and gals!

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