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When Twilight Sparkle first arrived in Ponyville, she thought every pony there was crazy. Nowadays, she fits right in. This is the story of a normal day in her new home.

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Love it... Make more!

Everyone on FiM Fiction should read this. Not only it is funny as hell, but it highlights the annoying and overused cliches in the fandom. You sir have obtained 7 arbitrary grading points

Very well played and funny! Nice job!

Alicorn Twilight+Multiple Pinkie Pies+Fluttershy commiting a double entandre= awesome:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:


I absolutely, positively agree. But there should have been a mary-sue and/or a self-insert part; those are one of the worst. :raritydespair:

Why can't I rate this more than 5 stars. :twilightangry2:

You know what would have made more funny? If you had said it just an average Monday morning.:twilightsmile: Oh yeah you got everyone besides Applejack. More please.

Hory sheet that was great.
Now you need to add an "Applejack does..." um... "Applejack makes..." uh... "Applejack..."
I can't think of any Applejack cliches.

If this is normal in Ponyville, I would love to see an extraordinary day!
Or would that be a boring day in which nothing special at all happens?

Here, have five stars and a fave. As someone else pointed out above -

"Everyone on FiM Fiction should read this. Not only it is funny as hell, but it highlights the annoying and overused cliches in the fandom."

Soo much punchlines :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiehappy: that was awesome. a truly enjoyable read.

could have used some CMC, though. :applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:

Thanks, everyone, for the responses! This one was so much fun to write, and seeing other people enjoy it as much as I did just brightens my day like you wouldn't believe. :pinkiehappy: Oh yeah, and to repeat what I put on my blog here: if you see a bit of your own story in here, it's probably because I'm tracking it! I poke fun out of affection, not malice. :heart: Almost all of these themes exists in at least one story that I've very much enjoyed.

Maybe I have brown hair. :trollestia: But in seriousness (as much as appropriate to the situation, at least), yeah, even after 4.5k words there remain many clichés that I avoided or simply couldn't fit in. Perhaps someday there could be a sequel? (Someday - right now, I'm just getting up to speed as a new writer by dabbling in as many genres as possible!)

Indeed. Applejack bucks apples, and is southern. I got nothin'. We need more AJ clichés, get on it, people! I also had some trouble finding parts for Rarity and Fluttershy, all three of them get a bit less fanfic attention than they probably deserve.

Yes. RD has been shipped with everyone.

And the kitchen sink.

If fanfics are to be believed this actually happens every hour in ponyville. Not to mention a newcomer that is better than every element of harmony, every single character dies twice an hour to name a few things.

There is not enough applause in the world.

The only thing that comes to mind is the occasional Applejack-does-weird-faces one, and thats not even all too common.

I loved it! Did anyone else sing along to pinkie's musical number? It needs to be put to music; it's a good song.

I have the strangest feeling that the title might be lying...


That... was just great. :rainbowlaugh:

Queen Inferno Blaze :trollestia:
that is the best name for evil celstia :rainbowkiss:
awesome story :pinkiehappy:

Always liked the title "Blinding Glory" more myself for Celestia's dark side, but an Inferno Blaze is fine too! Also, always impressed when someone manages to accurately write a character like Pinkie Pie (nevermind the whole little song, hah!)

Good job, cute/funny/fun read. Applause!

Ah , a cliche parody, gotta love em

sweet jesus that was a thing of beauty, you could have worked a derped teleport spell in there somewhere, but thats the only cliche I can think of you missed.

Oh god I cannot tell you how in love with you I am right now

man, woman, or six-eyed hellbeast, take me now you magnificent stallion

At least Twilight didn't botch any spells this time. :twilightblush:

All my 5*s are belong to this. Well done.

Oh, I love this story! It's so cliche that the banality vanishes at the sign of its platitude.
Ahem... 5 stars anyway.

This is fantastic thus far. I eagerly look forward to seeing what else gets lampooned.

Also, what do they do with all of those humans, anyway?

One of the princesses has gone made and has frozen time again. Ah, just another Friday in Ponyville.


that was fantastic! sooo funny! i love how you included the way twilight's listed events, from episode 3 "Applebuck Season." that's probably one of my favorite scenes of the show. i got a good laugh off yours too! :D :twilightsmile:

"...oh, frosting."
i liked that. that was good. this was a funny story.

Hehe you just about fit twelve different fan fictions in one..... i need more of this

tee hee. waking up with wings? a bit better than waking up as a dung-beetle.

This is one of the stories why I am so glad I found this site...thank you sir you made my day :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

If this is you getting "up to speed" then I feel that waiting for the far-off sequel will be worth it.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks, that means a lot to me, because I've seriously considered trying music too. :twilightblush:

Eternal is in like my top 5 favorites ever, I'm glad I could give you something back!


Due credit to Butterscotch Sundae for that particular oath. :heart:

"I've already achieved ascension to alicornhood, patched up a pulverized pegasus, incorrectly interpreted innocent interactions (with comically chaotic consequences), and been serenaded by a squad of symphonious simulacrums of a particular pink party pony. How much more interesting could today possibly get?"

<----- great alliterations! You're a genius. :pinkiehappy:

by now my mind vaguely resembles a confused pretzel aswell.

awesome job.:twilightsmile:


Gwwaaaahh? :twilightsheepish:
This is too good. Gave me a headache trying to comprehend what was happenning :rainbowlaugh:

A very good deconstruction X3. The Rainbow Dash "having weird masturbatory fetishes" cliché is really, really overused (I will admit that I like the idea of RD being lesbian, just like Applejack) and I've also seen too much Fluttershy sexual innuendo jokes...

Only thing I'm missing is the mandatory "Cupcakes" reference, or maybe it's really well hidden...

Oh, and you want a Applejack cliché? "Very easily angry about unfair things and later realizing that's she has been wrong." Something I see quite often with Applejack, mostly in AppleDash fics where Applejack is startled by a Rainbow Dash in love.

Another Applejack cliché that might be a bit of a stretch: She always seems to be the childhood friend that tried a relationship with another mare.

"A high-pitched keening pierced the veil of dreams."

Have you ever read something so sickeningly well-written and touching that left you feeling infuriated at the writer because you were unable to claim such a sentence for yourself? YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

"Gentlecolts..." :duck:


Wait, Rainbow Dash and weird masturbatory fetishes is a cliche? I've only ever seen the shipping fetish. I must conduct more research...

I don't know what I just read, but I love it so much. :pinkiehappy:

"I'm so hungry I could eat a human." :rainbowhuh: > :rainbowlaugh:

Even though I've been writing on here since early December, this is the second fan fic I've ever read. Gotta say, it was a great second fan fic to have read. Great job, my friend.

:twilightsmile: Alicorn, Checklsits, hero
:pinkiesmile: Clones, musical numbers. At least no Cupcakes references :pinkiecrazy:
:rainbowlaugh: Shipping... with everything
:duck: Over reacting
:yay: Meeting human, ships with humans.
:trollestia: Turns evil. Hey, at least no Molestia or Trollestia, right?

Too bad AJ doesn't have any cliches, it would've been funnier. Wait, you forgot CMC destroys everything and gets covered in tree sap!

Rarity's melodrama isn't really a cliche, it's just her personality. She overreacts in the show regularly. Same thing with Twilight and checklists. But, these parts of canon are used A LOT in stories.

Like Elektro said, "AJ angrily overreacts" is trite. I've come across many: "Yer a filly-fooler? That just ain't raght!" or "I can't believe you did [insert offending action]. You disgust me. (Spitefully leaves crying best friend.)"

The only thing it's missing is making fun of the large amount of second person "love stories" :|

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