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I always wear a jacket; Im just weird like that I suppose. What if im out late or there is a zombie apocalypse? Deserts also get cold at night. Plus...pockets!


Coop is the expert pilot of a giant robot built for epic combat. His best friend Jamie, thinks he's an expert with the ladies.
Due to Jamie's big mouth and a not so gentle arrival in Equestria, it may take some time leave this strange colorful planet.
With M.E.G.A.S stuck in a new civilization to screw up, how will the ponies cope with the mayhem? Princess Twilight will certainly need the help of all her friends to watch over the human visitor who consumes all before him. Not to mention a red headed woman claiming to be the last human resistance soldier. At least the skinny jerk doesn't pose much of a threat, right?

If you haven't seen the show, this will still make some sense, but you should go watch it. If you don't like giant robots and screaming awesome then shame on you.

I do not own Megas XLR or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They belong to Cartoon Network and The HUB respectively.

Chapters (7)
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First fave, first upvote, and first comment. WHOOO!
Anyways, why did this take so long to come out after you submited it?

Oh, and this story is everything I was hoping for. At least so far...

God I miss this show. Know where I can find it?
And a very intriguing start. Hope to have more classic MegasXLR humor mixed with ponies...and perhaps a bit more things making sense. I hope next chapter explains exactly how they crash landed and what happened after that to lead up to Coop staying at Vinyl's place.
A few typos - most glaringly, a few time MEGAS was spelled MAGES - but very enjoyable.

Okay, now that I have calmed down enough to actually write a something beyond "OHMYGODISSOAWSOME!!!"

I will tell you what I think.
1.) I really wished to see the first contact between humans and ponies, and see Coop inevitably screw it up.

2.) This is a massive nostalgia bomb for me. I loved this show back when Toonami still existed, and its great to see new life breathed into it.

:pinkiehappy: ..... I think I love you.... I have yet to read your story... but I think I honestly Love you, for actually doing this.... XD Anyway Lets see what we have here shall we? ..... Also.... M.E.G.A.S .... Not M.A.G.E.S. .... :facehoof:

This makes me smile in a way that not much does; Megas XLR was amazing and to see someone decide to combine it with MLP? I think Dashie summed it up nicely: Everypony digs giant robots. XD Seriously though, everytime I think I've seen this fandom mixed with something unexpected something even more unexpected shows up. Hahaha.
I'm curious to see where this goes so keep it up and just keep an eye out for those minor typos. ;)



You.... You better not be fucking with me!

Because the last person who lied to me about that... well...

I have been waiting for this story for so long.

Thanks for the support. Oh, and he's Coop so of course he screws it up.
Fixed! Also, ye it will make more sense later.
Yay:yay: that was cool. By the way, thanks for the support.
My girlfriend says she's not sharing:rainbowwild:
Thanks a lot for the support. I started this thinking it hadn't been done before, but there is another fic that I feel compelled to point out. "My Little Megas XLR." Whatever though.:duck:
Will now start watching tv again..:twilightoops::pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: Just hurry up and write the next story then! I HAVE NO PATIENCE!

Really then? Well, I suppose I'll have to give that a read too so thanks fer pointing it out but...I think yer title is a lot cooler than that one's. Haha.

Yes, there talking about it's return but it's not official yet but too me that is better then years of going no where with it.

"not so gentile arrival"

So, Jews were involved? :pinkiehappy:

Lol. If only that were intentional.:trollestia:
I hope I don't disappoint then.:twilightsmile: still need to read "Core."

Oh dear lord, this is like the third ever Megas crossover i've come across. The first two were excellent, and this one shows even more promise. One even had Megas using a radio tower shaped like a novelty guitar as an axe in a battle, once. 'Twas awesome. But Rainbow's right. Everypony, hell, everyone ever digs giant robots. 'S no use denying it.

Consider this thumbed up, faved, and tracked. This should be GOOD.

only need two words "Fucking Epic!!!!!!!!" i love megas its my favorite cartoon show and mlp a close second to see the two combine. its just yes.more now! this really feels like a episode of megas landing in the mlp world.

I'm glad to see someone finally doing another crossover with Megas XLR.:pinkiehappy:

Ok, before anything else, I want to say I'd be more than happy to help edit. Second, THIS CONCEPT IS MADE OF WIN, ALL BOW BEFORE THIS AUTHOR!! And thirdly, the return of Coop's Sleep-eating, man this never gets old! We may never get a season 3 of MEGAS XLR, but with fanfiction, Coop and crew will never stop being a source of joy and awesome for the rest of us! THANK YOU!!!:pinkiehappy:

I remember playing the online game and watching the show, it was hilarious!!!

YES YES YES also write one about the gargoyles

oh man, you have no idea how long I wanted to read a story like this. :pinkiehappy:

Wow! I didn't expect this to take off this much. I was just getting worn out on my other story, so I wrote this. Glad you like it so far.:pinkiehappy:
Here's the link to google docs. Just leave comments on mistakes or suggestions about ideas if you want. GRAM Thanks.:twilightsmile:
go to watchcartoonsonline and they have all the episodes.

3122846 I miss Megas XLR. I still have the banner of it with Pinkie and this comes along? two words. Rock On

We will be getting an explanation on how they winded up in Equestria, right?

So that's how Megas arrived in Ponyville. Interesting.
Can't wait to see what happens next.

Wow, you read that lightning fast. Now you have to wait for an update.:twilightoops:

Oh they are in for a big surprise.

Next chapter, first.contact... I'M SO EXCITED!

This is the third time I've read this, and the third time my my face has become sore from laughter. You write the characters so spot on.

I could totally see Coop just being like "yaeh we're crashing ti fiery death, but it was after I gave the controls to Jamie so it's all good." :rainbowlaugh:

Until the next chapter, DB out.

That was possibly the most detail I've ever seen put into telling about a robot going through reentry.


And that's... bad???:applejackunsure:

Thanks for all the support. That correction app was super helpful too.:twilightsmile:

Great chapter. I look forward to seeing how everyone's first meeting will go.

Looks like MEGAS ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Oh gods! Kiva finding Twilight adorable cracked me up!
Also, so looking forward to the conclusion to the Luna/Kiva fight!

Geographic imaging analysis sounds interesting.

It was worth the wait for the chapter, but it seems to still need proofreading.

Yeah, well I don't have many editors for this (one responded). There isn't a whole lot I can do at this point. I didn't get that many bites in the looking for editors group. Go figure.:twilightoops:

So much awesome it hurts. Seriously, my kidneys just failed because they couldn't contain the awesome. :pinkiehappy:

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