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"Living here in Ponyville
Fighting villains from afar
You've got to find first gear
In your giant robot car"

When the CMC stumble across a giant mecha from another time, another place, another reality, their latest quest for their Cutie Marks takes on epic proportions. Between getting to class, dealing with an angry alien that's somewhat friendly, dealing with an angry alien that is distinctly less friendly, and anything else the heavens can throw at them, you'd think things were hard enough. But they still have to be home by bedtime.

...at least piloting a giant robot makes it easier to get certain bullies to shut up. Ponies dig giant robots too...when its weapons aren't pointed at them.

Now where - and what - was first gear again?

Creative Consultant: The_Whovian16

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...And Equestria became completely boned.

Wonder how the princesses are going to take this epicly sized bone. Because they'll need TONS of lube to keep this going smooth

Zecora: The fires of inspiration have been lit. But I have to ask, "WHERE'S MY TWO BITS?!"

They all grinned as they started pressing random buttons. Down below, Applejack shuddered, feeling a horrible premonition. Glancing towards Ponyville, she muttered, "At least it's Tuesday..."

...:ajbemused: Do I want to know why it's a good thing that it's a tuesday?

As the show clearly demonstrates, crazy shenanigans ranging from the absurd to the absurdly dangerous happens in Ponyville at least once a week. In fact, it happens so regularly that everyone knows which day of the week it will happen, and they're very organized about their panic. There's even a specific pony whose job it is to let everyone know it's time to panic, and another whose job is to lament the destruction, however major or minor it may be...and Ponyville is fully repaired by the next day, no matter what happens.

It's a running joke in my stories that everything happens on Tuesdays.

4986708 by the lamenting pony, do you mean the mare who says "The Horror!"?

4986766 but constantly rebuilding ponyville must be bucking expensive

Megas XLR. Probably the best show ever. You make me wanna watch all episodes again.
4986776 cartoons pall. Cartoons

...for their insurance company.

ALL MY YES. Megas XLR was the best series about teenagers driving a giant robot from the future ever!!


Just the thought of the CMC in a car fills me with dread... but give them a mecha... if Discord isn't free already he'll be breaking loose after their first lap around Ponyville. I can't wait to see the aliens show up, but if Kiva get stuck in Ponyville I can see her and Apple Bloom working together to fix up Megas quite a bit. I think she'd get along better with the CMC than Coop and Jaime. Plus, I can see her getting along with Twilight and talking science.

I think Kiva will like Equestria much more than Earth. I do think that between Apple Bloom and her they should be able to make Megas just a little easier to control so it's not so much random button pushing as skill as the CMC get better at piloting and fighting. Making Ponyville get an auto repair function was a great idea, good work!


atleast the junkyard guy is a cool dude:twilightsmile: shame i forgot his name:pinkiesad2:

I can't click the like button more than once :fluttercry:

well atleast Ponyville dont have to worry about building costs anymore thx to the auto rebuild system.:twilightsmile:

tho now Ponyville got to get used to get destroyed more often which probably gonna make Twlight nuts:twilightoops:

Next chapter please. No really this has the potential to be just as funny as XLR.

We bought it for 2 bits, establishing the initial found value. We spent our combined allowance funds - some 200 bits - restoring it to functionality and refurbishing it for our use. That is 10000% of the initial found value, so we own it free and clear.

That is suppose to be 100% of the initial found value, unless if you include the various mechanical part the CMC bought or produce on their own which would exceed and explain the 10000% remarks. Fortunately, I DON'T CARE. As long as the quality (comedy) is the same as Megas XLR (Currently downloading it through kickass tor) I am more than willing to kill my logical and illogical side for this to go on

Like is not enough, this site needs a love button!

Also I will HATE YOU if you end this series on a cliffhanger like Megas did with it's finale.

No, it's actually accurate.
They paid Zecora 2 bits for Megas. That is 100% of found value.
They spent a total of 200 bits on parts, paint, and other necessities to fully restore and refurbish Megas, 100x the initial found value. That's 10000%.

Ponyville with an auto repair function... So much lols and wats are being had. Now if only they could do interplanetary travel... Or have the aliens come to them. Hmm... Liked they fact that there was a 'insert horn here' panel:rainbowlaugh:

But now I wonder how tough are the houses of Ponyville are? :trixieshiftright: Not tough enough against the CMC though:rainbowwild:

Well, the houses are now made out of recycled Glorft mecha...

So yeah, not tough enough to handle the CMC in Megas.

great chapter.
the horn goes here part made me think of gurren laggan.

This is funny. I laughed most of the way through and I can't wait to see what happens next!

How are they op? With two minor exceptions, that fight went exactly how it did in the original show.

It's Megas that's op.


oh ok then. Still don care, I want this to continue :pinkiecrazy:

4992201 Yeah but that's ok here. Go watch Megas XLR, It's a mecha anime parody so basically EVERYTHING is OP.

4993677 i think that you may be able to find some episodes on YouTube.

I miss Megas XLR:raritydespair:

time travel is confusing but easy of understand if you manage to make not paradoxical time travel like in its about time to give a MLP example.

YOU. Dig, Giant robots I! Dig. giant robots. We Dig. Giant Robots. MARES! Dig. Giant Robots....................... Nice...:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:.....:ajbemused:

Since Megas legally belongs to them now, they're bound to pilot it will we or nill we

Uhh... I think you meant They're bound to pilot it willingly or will be. I think that's what you were trying to say but I can't be too sure... And yes, Megas was going to be upgraded with a party cannon... But not this chapter apparently:rainbowlaugh:

4993677 You'd have better luck with youtube or torrenting. The maggot responsible to pulling "Megas XLR" off the air wrote it off as a loss to the IRS. That means Cartoon Network (or whatever parent company) won't be getting a dime off of it, lest they get fined.

"Will we or nill we" is an archaic phrasing meaning roughly "whether we like it or not".

Twilight is a freaking genius!!!!! I mean, she calmed Kiva down and made her realize she can get a much better situation that rushing back to fight the battle half ready!!!!! I can totally see Kiva getting numerous headaches from the CMC actions, but over all I can see her becoming another big sister figure to all of them.

Actually, Twilight's talk was the one gripe I had with the original series. Kiva was always bound and determined to take Megas back to the future ASAP, when once she was in another time period it didn't matter when she left. Megas' time travel method took them to a specific date. Basically, she was in a video game scenario where the main plot wouldn't move forward without her, but she was too blind to see all the sidequests!

4994037 As Doc Brown said: "You're not thinking 4th dimensionally!" I'm glad Twilight is able to think in multiple dimensions and clue Kiva in.

It was either her or Pinkie...and do you really think Kiva would listen to Pinkie?

4994205 Pinkie thinks Party dimensionally. Or in the 5 to 100 dimension... so no, I can't see Kiva listening to Pinkie about time travel.

4993973 Huh... That's more archaic than Luna's speech...:rainbowwild: The more you know:twilightsheepish:

..... Seriously man? .... Not even an acknowledgement? XD

I was actually hoping you'd help me out with something regarding how I was going to write further in future, and that would certainly earn you a place in the description.

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