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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


Curiosity finally gets the better of Princess Luna and she slips through the crystal mirror into the human world.

She finds a liquor store filled with what looks like bottled potions of human magic and wants to test them, of course.

What can possibly go wrong?

*** featured at #4 on 3/14/19 - thank you all! ***

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Lol. Drunken princesses. :trollestia:

It seems a bit odd that none of the princesses know what alcohol is.

*Starts to sing "What do you do with a Drunken Alicorn"*

Well Luna killed somebody. XD

I've played shot glass chess, not checkers. That game gets harder the farther along you get.....lol.

Put em in the bed with Twilight Sparkle

Thou'st been featured. Rejoice.

No, she is a pony princess from a bygone era plus ponies like sweet things....... Mead! :pinkiehappy:


Starlight has a wand?

Yes Twilight, American alcohol measuring makes no sense. Actually, all their measuring makes no sense at all. Get used to it.

Oh I can imagine how the following conversation went. Specially once Sunset got involved :rainbowlaugh:

While I am 99% certain that Celestia and/or Twilight should have known what liquor is, the shenanigans were sufficiently entertaining for me to forgive this minor faux pas. Also, how does Luna not know what Parasprites are?

....methinks Luna was still buzzed when she decided what to leave at the store.

Oh dear. :fluttershyouch: This won't end well.

Predictions: Luna gets drunk. Completely and absolutely pissed.

In the United States, alcohol proof is defined as twice the percentage of ABV.

I like mead, and during the holidays I've made a single pot of mulled wine for the fam. also fond of the semi-sweet wines and flavored liquors (such as cointreau and chambord.)

I have a preference for drinks that have a high flavor to them, can't stand the after taste of alcohol and the best description I have for beer is carbonated piss, and i have tried five different beers and they all tasted the same to me. :pinkiesick:

I have to agree with you particularly with the "cheap beers" give me a good chocolate stout or ale any day, much more flavor and not that dry wheaty bleh-ness.

Luna should drink more. She is more dangerous while sober. Parasprites, magically shrunken meteorite... I wouldn't be in the place of the poor store owner. It looks like as if somepony was set out to destroy his store and get him killed on purpose.

“Yes, but I stayed invisible, so no harm done. Besides I did not venture close to their Royal castle, so there was no chance I would meet my other self. Instead I followed Sunset Shimmer into a magic emporium that trades under the name of All Nite Liquor Store …”
“Luna … no!”
“As I watched, she approached the wizard behind the altar and gave him an offering of bits and in return received a mystical packet that had Potato Chips written on it, and a metal can she identified as soda.”
“What made you think this was a magic emporium?”

I like the perspective of a being from a world ruled by magic visiting a regular store. I find those things interesting.

Don't mess with Luna. That is the lesson I learned.

So...how is it that NONE of them have understood that the "Potions" were putting them in an altered state of consciousness, not unlike an OD on salt? Rather curious if you ask me!

I DO love it when a story can do a really good to great job of making the Mundane in our world , or the mundane in others, seem MAGICAL.

Holy crap Luna, how are you this terrible?! O.O

No really...this is something I'd expect more out of Celestia, only with FAR more grace.

Well that was funny. Wished we daw more of the drunk princesses

How is this for a sequel idea?

Luna desires to return for more "potions" and gets arrested for theft, property damage, and attempted murder. With no idea of what happened to Luna and with little hope of her return, Celestia and the Equestrian government declare war on the human world. Who wins?

The stars will aid in her escape before anything bad can happen ...

Enjoyable from beginning to end

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