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Princess Luna is going to have a foal, and the big day isn’t far away.

With little time left before the young one arrives, she finds herself having to cope with the realities of carrying a foal inside her as well as confronting all those issues that only an expectant alicorn can ever fully understand.

This can be read as a stand-alone story or continued to its sequel Luna's Foal.

Please note: The artwork is not mine, but one of my favorite ever pictures of Luna. It was created by the very talented Adlynh and I will take it down if the artist requests.

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Dat thumbnail.

One of my most favorite ever.
All credit to Adlynh.


Amazing story. Will there be a sequel?

Very nice story, certainly wouldn't mind a sequel if you plan one.

I like it, but there doesn't really seem to be a point to this. Nothing happens and the plot doesn't really go anywhere. Don't get me wrong though, you still get a thumbs up and a request for MOAR!

More please


Thank you for your kind words, I am pleased you enjoyed it.
I hadn’t thought about a sequel, but I won’t rule it out.
Thank you all for your support!


Oh, but on the contrary, it must have gone somewhere before and after this fic. I let you infer what I mean:trollestia:

Their affair had been intense and all consuming, but they had both recognised that their liaison would not last, and now she carried with her an enduring legacy of that beautiful, but fleeting moment in time, a tribute to their consummated love.

When you continue this story, it would be nice to not only see Luna's journey to giving birth, but also flashbacks to see who her lover was, how they met, and what caused them to fall in love.

Great food for thought, thank you.
As this was only ever intended to be a short story, I had intentionally omitted the identity of her lover so as not to detract from Luna's introspection as she approached term and the inner conflict she felt at having to stand down from her duties to give birth.
Your suggestion of flashbacks during the birthing process is just right and could work very well – thank you.


I agree with this comment. There was some lovely set-dressing in this story, and if your intent was to leave what lead up to Luna's pregnancy—and the struggles she's faced over the course of it—up to the readers that's fine, but a little closure would work well here.

DAMN that thumbnail is ‘*pop* noice’ worthy

You don't need a random tag for either of your stories here, seeing as there's nothing random going on.

That was actauly a very sweet story. Luna is always best!

Thank you!
I really enjoy writing about Luna and I'm so pleased you like the way this story turned out.

Wow,amazing so far!:raritystarry:

Thank you - I hope you enjoy the other short stories in this series as well!

Don't worry,I definetely will!

What A sweet story:heart::yay:

Thank you!
Please feel free to continue this story to its sequel - I hope you will enjoy that too.

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