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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This fic is set in an alternate universe shortly after Friendship is Magic Part 2.

Twilight has to write her weekly friendship report to her mentor, Princess Luna.

The exiled Daybreaker had recently returned after a thousand years’ incarceration in the sun and been defeated by Twilight, revealing the formerly wayward Princess Celestia who is having trouble trying to adjust to contemporary Equestrian society.

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Glad you like it!

i would like more to the world like how was other species evolved with lunas leadership

Good call. There is a lot of scope to follow that idea further, and I think I probably will.
Thanks for your support!

Swefn #6 · Mar 1st, 2018 · · 1 ·

This looks very similar to the "Lunaverse" series. I'd give it a look, it's really good.

Thanks for the comment. I have so far only taken my inspiration from the series and a few landmark stories such as "On a Cross and Arrow" and "Past Sins" (that's where my user name comes from: Brony + Nyx)!
A quick look at the Lunaverse New Readers page suggests I have a lot more reading to do - thanks for the recommendation!

You have pleased me. also smol tia needs to be a thing now.

Glad it meets with your approval!
You're right, there is a lot of scope to develop alternate Tia further.
Thanks for your support!

Nice little fic. It's funny to imagine little Celly. :twilightsmile:

I agree; it does seem strange, but I had to go there as part of the whole role reversal scenario. It does conjure up an interesting image!

Okay. Couple things here. I get the role reversal of Luna and Celestia, but did you switch their ages too? Because I think it would be 100% more awesome if they kept their cannon ages here (Celestia the eldest and Luna the youngest.)

Adds more to what happened 1000 years ago I think.

I agree entirely; even in an AU it's important to respect canon. I'm sorry if it appears I tried to change it.
Towards the end of the story I write:

although she was the older sibling, Celestia was noticeably the smaller of the two,

What I was trying to show here was that whilst Celestia was the older sister, she was physically smaller because she hadn't regained all of her magic. This is in line with the opinion that the canon Princess Luna is smaller than her sister because she lost some of her powers as NMM.
Apologies if my choice of words caused any confusion - I hope this didn't spoil your enjoyment.

This was pretty good. Have a thumbs up.

I'm pleased you like it.
Thanks for your support!

Naw. I admit that I missed that part. My bad. So now I feel silly for that mini rant.

No worries. When I speed read I sometimes miss off the word "NOT", and that can make a really big difference!
You're always welcome to come back and read some more of my writing.
Thanks for your support!

The exiled Daybreaker had recently returned after a thousand years’ incarceration in the sun and been defeated by Twilight, revealing the formerly wayward Princess Celestia who is having trouble trying to adjust to contemporary Equestrian society.

Please tell me you have written/are going to write that story.

Just stumbled across this story a bit randomly and gave it a quick read, so here are my thoughts!

The idea of Luna and Celestia switching places is always an interesting idea, even if it has been done before. However, this story doesn't really evolve beyond "Wouldn't it be strange if Celestia had been the one to turn evil instead of Luna?" It reverses the roles, but that's about it. It might have been a lot more interesting to see Celestia struggling to reintegrate into society. For instance, we could have seen her realization that she was now shorter than Luna after not growing at all during her banishment. Or she could have come back expecting to be lavishly praised and glorified like she was in days of yore only to realize that she's been mostly forgotten or out outright feared.

As it stands, this feels a bit bare-bones. Not poorly-written, just rudimentary.

Good luck with future tales! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for taking the time to feed back your views.

I went through a one month period early February to early March where I was recovering at home following a short stay in hospital and had a number of ideas, but had trouble in joining them together.

Initially I was frustrated that I couldn’t focus sufficiently to develop them into the longer pieces I have come to write, but liked the individual ideas and so enjoyed turning each of them into a 1,000 word short.

It was a lot of fun working in this very short story format and was therapeutic for me as I recovered, but more than anything I hope that they bring some happiness to those who read them.

Thank you for your good wishes!

You're very welcome! And I certainly understand the therapeutic value of writing. Few things are more satisfying than the creative process, after all.

Now THIS is a story I'd like to see expanded! I've always felt that Luna deserves a bit more screentime than she's given in the show, she's just so awesome! :rainbowkiss: Having Luna as Twilight's mentor instead of Celestia is an amazing idea!

Thank you for your kind words!
As you suggest, I wanted to explore the alternate universe in which the roles of the two Royal Sisters had been switched and found it interesting to do it through the eyes of her faithful student. I didn't know what I was going to find, but I'm really glad I did it!
You are absolutely right - Luna gets nowhere near enough screentime, especially given that she has such an interesting backstory. Also she is my personal favorite, so I'm a bit biased!

Does this mean you're going to expand on this idea? That would be so AWESOME if you did!

It's a very tempting thought. I LOVE to put Luna centre stage, but writing a good sequel is more challenging than writing a stand-alone story because expectations are raised.
I really like the sound of it, but I'm not going to make any promises yet.
I hope that if and when I do write a sequel, that it lives up to your expectations.
Thank you for your kind and motivational comments!

Thank you - so pleased you enjoyed it!

Interesting alternate universe.

I really enjoyed this alternate universe story. :heart:

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