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Celestia is feeling down and Luna recognises that what she needs is a bit of romance to bring a little sparkle into her life.

Could this be the dawning of a closer relationship between Twilight and the Sun Princess?

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great job. I enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for your kind words - I enjoyed writing it too!


Good job with the letter, getting to that part i was "doesnt really sound like Celestia".

Thanks for the kind feedback.
Yes, the letter is intentionally just a little too formal for Celly - well spotted!
It was only the slightest hint of a clue and Twi didn't pick up on it. If you see her, please don't tell her!

Seems you suffer from the " lilac alicorn" disease, when there isn't two alicorns in the same scene there isn't really a need for at least the lilac part.

And when she and tia (finally) smooch you can just call them sparklebutt and sunbutt. :trollestia:

Moonbutt approves!

The Princess of the Night suddenly started to think that her plan to relieve her sister from herself-imposed isolation could have been a bad idea and felt a deepening sense of guilt building within her.

her self-imposed

Another great story, rep the ideas flowing.

Enjoyable little story. Then again anything Twilestia is enjoyable for me. :twilightblush: :trollestia:

Proof reader sacked in response. 😉
Thanks for picking up my mistake - it reads like it's supposed to now!

Great to see you again!
Thank you for the kind words - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you; I think Twilestia is a really solid ship too and I've read some excellent fanfics.
I don't know if you've read "I waited for you" by ArguingPizza, but do check it out of you haven't seen it before.
Thanks for your support!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. :ajsmug:

Great story, it just felt a little bit rushed, especially with how they both decided to confess their feelings. It makes sense with Celestia, as she only wanted to meet for a date. But Twilight, after so many meetings with Celestia, felt like confessing just at the same time as Celestia? :unsuresweetie: Nevertheless, as I said earlier, I still enjoyed this a lot. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your kind words.
As I see it, they were both constrained by protocol to keep their feelings bottled up, which is why neither said anything during their afternoon together. What it finally took was the comical misunderstanding with the soup for them both to relax enough to dare to ask the question. Once it was out, then they were both free to (finally!) express their true feelings.
Happy ever after!

Spoiler alert - things may start to heat up!

Well, that kind of makes sense, but Twilight was planning to tell Celestia, so, my point still stands. Anyways, it's you story. You decide what to do with it. :ajsmug:

I'm not sure why I'm always getting a bad feeling about this kind of stuff at first, but is there an episode with giant Twilight out already? I think the newest season isn'T there yet right? something about 2018 is what I had read.

To be honest while I like it I'm always worried I'm ending up hating the new episode, because some episodes of the latest two seasons I think werent to my liking.
I like Sunset but for some reason I get really nervous about that season, I fear what it could mean for some stories, some stuff that is written already annoyes me sometimes. Like when they were all like "no unicorn can be as good as Starswirls or even half as good", but I'm glad that they made Starlight exist to kind of counterattack that rule a bit.

Now I'm kind of hoping not everyone is going to make a rule out of the connection between Equestria girls and Equestria when it should be a thing in the new season. That and I hope they don't focus their missions on the bossy cutiemap anymore (when Twilight only allowes certain ponies to go.)

I think this may have been a comment against somebody else's story ...

uhm....not really, maybe I forgot to add something, but the core question was if the picture with that bigger Twilight in your story, did meant anything for the show yet.

The rest was just me talking and of course some of that "bad stuff" I might have seen on this side already, but I don't remember a certain (spesific?) story or name anymore.

What to say, what to say. First off: Thank you for the recommendation, again. It was quite entertaining. A cute, fluffy tale of panicky ponies. I suppose there's room for a sequel full of Luna teasing the ever-living heck out of those two as a sort of repayment or something like that.

I liked it. They had their fair share of drama, but didn't go overboard. And although Twilight panicked - as is usual and only fitting - one can still see the character growth she'd undergone in those seasons. She's panicking, but she's not going mad. And when push came to shove, she ponied up and did the thing. Atta girl!

As for Tia, well. I gotta admit, I love her portrayed in both aspects, the eternal and godlike ruler, untouchable and beyond everything, and her softer, more ponylike side. Worried about the passing of time, friends and lovers, having a knack for pranking her sister, being shy with her love interests - stuff like that. I suppose this story's scratching half of that itch, then.

Oh, and one gigantic bonus point for not just forgetting about Spikes presence or just 'sending him off to a sleepover at AJs'. That poor little guy gets misrepresented and unruly shoved aside way to often. He's a major influence in her life and to many romance storys involving Twi just outright ignore him. There's 'having a narrow focus', and then there's 'casting him out'.

It was a good read. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for your kind comments!

I really enjoyed writing this one as the two lovers each displayed their vulnerabilities and those nearest helped them overcome their uncertainties in their own ways to allow their romance to blossom.

It’s such a great ship to work with as Celly and Twi are so perfect for each other.

Thank you for adding it to your favorites!


Thank you - I'm pleased you enjoyed it!


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