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Just an introvert who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I also like to write MLP fanfiction. Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony.


Even though they've been together for a while, Twilight doesn't realize that Luna has nightmare's on a nightly basis, caused by her creation the Tantabus, to ensure that she will never forget what she did. But maybe Twilight can help her realize that it's okay and that torturing herself isn't necessary.

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How did I miss this story?!?! Seriously, I didnโ€™t even realised it existed until just now. I guess it was uploaded during exam period, so maybe I was revising a lot at the time, and maybe a bunch of other people uploaded stuff at the same time, so I missed it in my feed. But still, I should have seen this.

Anyway, this was a nice story. It goes to show that you donโ€™t need a lot of build up to create a compelling couple.

Maybe I published it on a bad day. I don't know. But I am glad you enjoyed this!

Comment posted by TwiZone deleted Jul 8th, 2018

This is amazing work well done

I really enjoyed reading this. I do feel, though, that there should be a sequel to this. Perhaps it would take place right after the issue with the Tantabus and Twilight and Luna have a very serious discussion about communication. Just a thought I had after reading...It's up to you...

I wouldn't be opposed to writing a sequel to this, or just more Twiluna in general, but as to a sequel for this, I don't know what it would be (the sequel, that is. I have some ideas for more Twiluna...)

Luna more or less takes care of the Tantabus here, so there wouldn't be a Tantabus issue later on, otherwise, I think that would be an excellent idea!

It would be better to have a her fail to take care of it, it constantly plagues her dreams until it traps her in a never ending nightmare, Twilight uses a dream walking spell or potion to enter Luna's dream and helps her defeat it.

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