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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story takes place shortly after Season 2 Episode 4 “Luna Eclipsed”.

Twilight is surprised, and a little concerned to receive an invitation to meet with Princess Luna at Canterlot Castle.

Could she be wanting to settle a score over Nightmare Moon, or does she perhaps have another purpose in mind?

* Featured at #4 on the banner 07/09 - thank you all! *

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This was such a good story!

loved it. lol very seiso


Thank you for your kind words - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Drop by again soon!


This was very sweet. Loved that it was direct to the point without losing any of the characterization. Loved it!

Nice start - will be interesting to see where this goes

That is definitely the pensive, uncertain Twilight that I know.

I like how the two are interacting; Twilight unsure of things and Luna uncertain herself, and then they start relaxing.

And then there was Friendship :)

“Um, Twi” Spike recalled, a look of apprehension creeping across his face, “Don’t you remember how you took on Nightmare Moon? Maybe she wants to get even?”
“I don’t think so” said Twilight reassuringly, “I’m pretty sure she’s not the type to bear a grudge.”
Uh huh” replied Spikes sceptically, “Not like she's the sort who would dwell on being banished for a thousand years and then try and take over Equestria when she returned?”
“Spike, that was Nightmare Moon, not Princess Luna. I’ll be fine. Now please would you send a reply saying that I am looking forward to seeing her tonight.”
You sure” cautioned Spike, “I mean, like, really sure?”

“Have a nice time, Twi!” the baby dragon called out after her, “Don’t worry; I’ve got everything covered here.”

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that Spike is purposefully lighting the fuse to make Twilight start worrying, then just sits back and watches the fireworks? :twilightoops::moustache:

The blood red moon kind of reminds me of the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild when I had to experience that

It sounds as though Luna simply arranged a lunar eclipse. Much cheaper than purchasing all the paint that would be needed to cover it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you!
I really enjoy working with these characters and imagining how they would interact.
It's nice when it works out!

Too late for second thoughts now - the message has been sent!

She is a bit prone to overthinking things and getting in a panic!

They're two really nice characters who just have a few difficulties getting to know each other in the early days ...

I think he's just trying to be protective in his own dragonish sort of way, but how he does it can sometimes have unexpected consequences!

Loved he story would love to see more like this

Thank you for your kind words.
You are welcome to look through the stories in my back catalogue if you would like.

I think Discord usually does that, too, but Spike is still a young dragon. Kids'll be kids.

Nice bit of Slice of Life.
Well done! :twilightsmile:

Wow! Thanks for that clip - dramatic stuff!

Not just the paint, but the brushes too ...

Appreciate it - thanks!

“I could teach you that too” smiled Luna, “All mysteries here and on other planes of existence to which I have access would be opened up to you.”

Interesting worldbuilding detail. Makes me quite curious.

Nice touch with the batponies

Interesting take on the batponies

Thanks for all your great feedback - very much appreciated!

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