• Published 30th Jun 2019
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The Missing Princess - Bronyxy

Twilight finds an old map and goes off in search of a lost town; a town that holds the best kept secret in all of Equestria. Her discovery puts her on a collision course with Celestia and Luna who have shared a secret since the founding of Equestria.

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The flickering candle flame danced jauntily from its vantage point on a rickety old wooden table, casting a wavering light around the small musty room. A troupe of dancing shadows darted playfully around the walls and the solitary dusty bookshelf, happily disregarding the room’s sole occupant; a lilac alicorn engrossed in an ancient tome.

The air was heavy with many lifetimes of neglect, and indeed it had seen the centuries pass without an enquiry from any living being. Until now, that was.

Twilight carefully turned the fragile pages in her magic, never a page going by without an “oooh” or an “aaah” escaping her lips, for this was a book she had never even heard of, let alone seen until today. It had been written just after the unification of the three tribes, distilling their collective knowledge and setting down rules for how they were going to be governed fairly, with checks and balances in place to ensure that no one tribe could achieve supremacy over the others.

This, Twilight had quickly realised, was the most significant text of the classical era. And she was not going to put it down until she had finished it.

The question of why she hadn’t even heard of such an important work remained unasked as she absorbed long forgotten wisdom from each of the three great tribes.

Suddenly she gasped and pushed back in her seat, wide eyes fixated on what she had just read. Surely she must have been mistaken …

She took a few quick breaths to steady herself then returned to look a little closer.


It couldn’t be!

Twilight felt herself trembling and suddenly became aware of her rapid breathing as she looked about her, sensing danger in every sinister shadow. She knew something now, something that only two ponies in all of Equestria could know, something that had been buried deep. For a reason.

Suddenly, Twilight Sparkle felt scared and very alone.