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Several weeks into Twilight Sparkle’s training to be a princess, she still hasn’t found a captain for her royal guard. Frustrated with her lack of progress, she goes for a flight to clear her head. She’ll discover the solution to her problem is hidden behind the clouds of a carefree sky.

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I like it. Normally, I am not such a fan of TwiDash because in every aspect... ehh... sorry, I was about to go on a Twilight level lecture. Anyways, I like it.

Great story idea. cant wait to read when its a little bit longer :pinkiehappy:

Not bad. I'll give it a thumbs up!

Not a fan of the concept of twilight staying in canterlot buuuut... it's fanfiction, where canon can easily be bent and broken. I enjoyed it

So much hnnnng and d'awww! :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

I'm not one for fluff, you know that, but this ain't half bad. :pinkiehappy:

Nice profile picture. Could I get a source for it?

So adorable! Can't wait to see more.

I'm confused. Why arn't there any more chapters of this awesome story out yet?:rainbowderp:

Awww, that was incredibly cute. Well done! :heart:

Adorableness levels are at maximum capacity. Tracking.

2250996 You realize this is such a huge compliment I am almost lost for words. Thank you.

2251218 I'm not super fond of the idea either since I want her to be close to her friends. That might be the only thing sad I mentioned in this whole chapter. Other than that, full speed ahead on the fluffy happy-time express!

2251893 Well, it must be that lazy author! Didn't plan ahead and write more. :derpyderp2: Seriously though, thank you. I'm definitely going to add more.

2252046 Heheh.. Well...
You managed to pull off a shipfic that is, sociologically, very difficult. I spent an unhealty amount of time studying the personalities of every pony with enough screen time, and then assigned them 'likely matches', and making a TwiDash ship where they technically can fall in love is like fitting a square in a round hole.
But you did it.
And that is awesome.
... heheh. I went on a tangent, oops.

Well Twilight, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is you no longer have to spend Hearts and Hooves Day locked in your room crying to yourself over a half devoured box of chocolates. The bad news is your mother is never going to get those grand foals she always wanted, particularly after that tragic accident Shining Armor had during a Hoofball game as a colt.

This is great! Lookin forward to the next additions to it! Keep up the good work!:heart:

2251455 I looked long and hard and my picture said it was by this person but i cant find it in their gallery anymore so i think maybe they removed it ? but anyways here's the DA acct, http://nsslayer.deviantart.com/

With darkho's/lostzilla's adorable artwork a story like this was bound to show up sooner or later.

Me like:pinkiehappy:

Good start, you have my attention, :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

“I don’t think that stopped you from flying in Ponyville during the day. I clearly remember consistent collisions with my library.”

I am a little surprised there isn't a fic where Twilight secretly has a magnet in her basement that attracts Rainbow Dash's crashing :facehoof:

-reads- D'awww...

Ye hath mein attention.

<3 DarqFox

2253307 Someone should write that. It will be funny, shippy, and fluffy!

Anyway a great start to a great fic. I can't wait to read more!

Hmm, concise, too the point and finally, excellently written.

So where's the rest of it?

Well written start to the story, only I feel that the pacing is very much rushed.

Hell what with all the blushing going on, they're practically marefriends already.

“You have to remember I’m more than just a captain to you. Just like you’re more than just a princess to me.” Rainbow winked. “Can you do that?”

I wonder if every Princess was told that by their first Captain?

A nice beginning. Twilight is going to have to change some things and think in some new ways. However, her friends might be a very important key to how she adapts to her future.

Rd is the elements of loyalty, or sould i said loyal until death. Nice first one by the way. Fave and like from me.

looks awesome, twi needs a friend close to her, and who better than loyalty? twi doesnt have to lose everthing as a princess.... i just wonder whats going to happen with the romace aspect of it, a captain of royal guards with a princess, press will have a field day, xD reminds me of Cadance and Shining

Not bad! The fan art in question has been screaming for an accompanying fic, and this one looks to be off to a great start.

great story so far keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Wow, just wow, this is great, I am already in love and this is only the first chapter! you did a really good job of grabbing my attention and holding it.

I may have to write that sometime.. Hmmm.. Anyhoo, this story is just d'awwww.

Wow this is a great story so far I cant wait to see what happens next

This is first-class fluff, I love it. I'm eager for more.

Daaaaaaaaw! Man now your gonna have that last image painted in my head... but that's a good thing please! You must continue this! Its soooooo good :twilightsmile:

That was awesome, I am loving the direction this fic is taking, can't wait for more.

I can even hear the gruff, gravely aspect of Viktor's voice with a thick, classic Russian accent. :rainbowlaugh: It seems to fit an armorer perfectly.

“Young love izz vonderbar

Could not agree more.

Viktor my friend, you are absolutely right.

Daw lovely chapter as always...,,

*looks at picture* no hoof plate armor!?:pinkiegasp:

Nice very very Nice. the dialog is solid and the wit story pacing is spot on! I cant wait for more keep up the good work

Commence read.

Enjoyable read.

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