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The Abyss


On the night of her mother's passing, Luna must accept the cold, hard fact that she'll never feel her mother's loving touch again. With no one to else to turn to, she finds solace and a much-needed shoulder to cry on with her big sister.

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Wait... a non sexual story?

Who are you and what have you done with Abyss?!

7372321 Only roughly 60% of my stories are rated mature. I like to keep things fresh, you know?

Haven't even read it and I love it and poor Luna needs hugs and cuddles

fuck you man! making emotionally powerful, well developed,well characterized stories that made me cry! you jerk:raritycry:

This was beautiful.

..... why Abyss.. why must your stories give me the feels !! :(

Noooooooo! Too... Much... Feels.

The feels... thanks abyss

I am trying REALLY hard to hold back my tears right now.

Truly a wonderful story!

Oh now... Oh, now this was heartbreaking and I'm not usually a person who shows any form of sadness physically. Great work Abyss!


wow that was depressing

It's so sad, but also a beautiful story! :fluttercry:

Amazing and gorgeously written story. :raritywink:
Hits u right in the feels. :applecry:

this reminds me too much when I found my mother gone....if you can read this mom from heaven I miss you

Damn forgot how amazing you are when it's not rated mature, this is what you are best at.

And... a downvote. I assume its because you have not provided them with enough wank material and have dared to make them feel something other then pud pulling.

Some people children, I swear...

This is my favorite comedy.

Front page, yet again Abyss. You are a popular one, arn't 'Cha? :rainbowkiss:

Very emotional story.
Good job!

Oh my ... so emotional! :fluttercry:

Nice job by the way! *gives story a thumbs up*


Hoo boy, this is gonna be hard to read isn't it. Ok, hang on a second, BRB...

(reads story)

...Not cool man! Too many feels man!

Great story! Very emotional, I loved how you wrote it! Have a like! :twilightsmile:

Wow! Could someone get me another tissue please? I ran out. :fluttercry:

darf #28 · Jul 9th, 2016 · · 1 ·

“I will, Lulu,” Celestia said, her voice regaining a small bit of strength. “Mother taught me quite a bit in these last few months, even though... even though her strength was fading.” Looking towards her nightstand, Celestia lit her horn and grabbed the only framed picture in her room. “You remember this moment? Mother took this picture the day we both learned how to fly. She gave it to me to remember our achievement, but... now I want you to have it.”

oh, God.

this is heartbreaking, but beautiful.

and this explains a lot. 1,000 years of punishment for one mistake? is that what mother would have done, Celly? or did you make a big mistake, and spend the same amount of time paying for it that your sister did?

beautiful story, my friend. broke and warmed my heart at the same time. your feature is well-deserved. <3

This is a very good one-shot.

:fluttercry: Poor Luna; loosing her mother at that age would be hard enough, but not even getting to say goodbye? That's gotta traumatize a filly for life.

Hmm... This story is good, and I felt a bit sad, but the impact was less than I expected.
I think the age-gap between Celestia and Luna is shown as being too big in my opinion.
Maybe it is something else that takes away from the story (like Luna apparently not noticing that her mother was bedridden and weak? I am unsure there).

Other than that you are able to draw a good emotional picture and I rather like the way you write. Although this story will not be one of my personal favorites, I think it still deserves this top-spot. Congratulations my dear. And keep writing.

I cried.... :raritycry:

And that picture at the end is so adorable! :heart:

NO the age gap, luna not noticeing, ITS ALL PERFECT. I have younger siblings and this is how i comfort them and with the luna not noticing. My family will be getting done with dinner and we are still sitting at the table when my little sister says "Whats for dinner" kids dont pay attention. This story was perfect did not hit me too hard with the feels, not enough to make me cry but enough to be just perfection.

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Beautiful. Not tear makin for me, but still quite well written.

I'm close to crying, Abyss... Amazing job. The pacing at the end seemed a little fast, like there could have been more description during the initial parts of Luna coming back.
No matter, it was still amazing! Good job as always!

While I know it is kinda late(Sorry I am new to this site) compared to many other fanfic I have read I think this is probably my absolute favorite. :twilightsmile:
I thank you so much for writing this story and making me feel so sad but warm at the same time. Very good job.:raritywink:

Comment posted by Ice Star deleted May 6th, 2018

I somewhat agree with your opinion on the depiction of Luna in the story. However I think children are not naive, instead they are sensitive and have very good intuition. Sometimes even better than adults. They will understand a person is in grief immediately. So I think Lunna probably will starts crying because her sister doesn't seem happy and she probably know something is wrong but doesn't quite grasp why. Furthermore, children most of the time don't really grasp their emotions and underlying causes. So Luna will appear to be extremely frustrated? I guess?

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