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I demand to know your secret for making such cute fluffy feels!!!!


Pwetty Pweese?

D'aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww, I got a heart attack because of the cuteness!

Just what i needed. :rainbowkiss:

I overloaded my D'awwww meter just from the picture alone! :twilightsheepish:

Curse you Abyss, and your mastery over cuteness! :derpytongue2:

D'awwwwww in deed!

You have overloaded my adorafilter. I cannot anymore. I am, as of this moment, melting into a little pool of lovey-dovey goo.

6736368 The best reaction to anything The Abyss posts. :pinkiehappy:

Awww, so sweet :heart:

This sums up my reaction nicely, sweet jeebus!
*clutches chest*
Its too much for my hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng to take!

Nice job... Abyss!
*passes out*

That was so adorable :yay:! So tell me, when did their mother go from snuggly mommy to "fuck you, go back to bed"?

That was very precious.....well worth the sleep I'm losing! Thanks, Abyss, very nice!


Well done, Ab! My only suggestion would be to change how here "parents hated to be woken up" to "were dead-tired from the annual harvest" or something to make the reasoning a little less "cold," but "season to taste" as they say, if that doesn't appeal to you. Any who, great story!:pinkiesmile:

It was freezing cold outside and the snow reached up to her knees.

Which really is a relative measurement. Up the their knees on someone who is three feet tall is not up to the knees of someone who is six feet tall.

She had been left behind.

If only she were as devout as the rest of her family at the end times.

She felt a small modicum of relief even as her tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Small" is unneeded since "modicum" itself means "a small quantity".

Well... I just know that whenever mommy snuggled with me when I was really young, I never had nightmares because she was there right next to me.

Pinkie is only a few minutes older than Marble.

Just click forward to 2:32. Though with how Pinkie is, I would not doubt that she would talk to Marble as though she were an infant.

This story was kind of adorable. Not much more than fluff, but it made a good bedtime story. It was quite enjoyable.


Auuggh.. The cuteness.. It's..too..much...faints from cuteness overload..
But in reality, this was so sweet!

Screw those parents, why would you do that to her. I mean, don't spoil her and have her lay in bed with you, but make her feel better. Jesus:fluttercry:

6736781 when she had 3 fuckin kids:pinkiecrazy:

6736368 so, you had a seizure for cuteness, those parents should've given you a heart attack... Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz need to die:flutterrage:

This story reminds me so much of when I was young and I would go to my older brother's room after having a bad dream and sleeping on his floor to feel safer:twilightsmile:

So adorable :twilightsmile:

This was freaking adorkable.

I will admit though, I had expected it to be Limestone and not Pinkie at first, I don't know why I did, but...

Still, adorkable.

That was so sweet. I feel you did a good job capturing pinkies character. Good story ^.^

See, this was really adorable, and I want to take it as my new headcanon, but then I see

You’ll never be alone when I’m here, Marble, don’t you ever forget that.

and I realize that Pinkie left the farm years ago and the reason Marble is so withdrawn and quiet is that she's been having nightmares ever since and I get really sad.

Ahh snuggle stories, always a treat.


Well done, Ab!


My only suggestion would be to change how here "parents hated to be woken up" to "were dead-tired from the annual harvest" or something to make the reasoning a little less "cold," but "season to taste" as they say, if that doesn't appeal to you.

Good suggestion, but I had written this story to be in the middle of winter, around January or February. Even though I didn't specifically say what season it was outside of the dream, I had hoped that people would have picked up on Marble Pie wearing her hoofed pajamas just like the ones in the cover art for the story. Typically, people/ponies don't wear footed/hoofed pajamas in the summer because it'd be too hot.

Any who, great story!

Glad you liked it!

6738632 I have a lot more if you haven't already found them. :twilightblush:

6737190 Gotcha, thanks!


Huh... I think my feel-o-meter just broke. Congratulations, you did it. You hit me in the feels so hard that I overloaded with feels.

HNNNG! the feels. so intense! :fluttercry: :yay:

This was like Marblebetes or something.

6738970 There's no cure, sorry!

That was...That was just beautiful.

The parents come across as really dour, almost to the point of nastitness. It was hard to reconcile the mother we just saw an instant before with the one Pinkie describes, and since Pinkie Pie leaves home not too long after she gets her cutie mark...

The fridge logic makes the story seem more sad than it intended to be... unless you intended it to be that sad, in which case perhaps the story didn't commit quite hard enough to getting that across.

From fridge logic 2.0 : the nightmare is pretty accurate a prediction - The parents' door is locked (their emotional inaccessibiliy) and the absence of everypony signifies the soon to be departure of the one affection expressing sister who also just told Marble she'd never feel alone while she was here.

So...I can't decide if this is a cute story built innocently inside a framework of incidental sadness, or a really quite sad story with cuteness playing decoy. A few more lines and actions with Pinkie Pie wouldn't have gone amiss. In either case, it was nice, if a little short.

Abyss-- what is this je ne sais quoi that your stories have that make me feel emotional?

6739351 Because I write from the heart.

Take care not to bleed all over the keyboard.

6739398 *Looks at bloody keyboard*


Abyss wrote a story where siblings snuggle up to each other for comfort, and it isn't rated M? :twilightoops:
It was cute, at any rate :pinkiehappy:

I always love the shy with the optimistic. This was really cute and I wanna read more from you :pinkiehappy:

6739552 Heh, if you liked this one, then you should check out my story Snuggles and Cuddles. It's a TwiDash story that ships the two of them together with snuggling and cuddling. It's very cute, it has lots of snuggling and cuddling in it, and it's TwiDash. Need I say more? :twilightblush::heart::rainbowkiss:

6739565 Wait. You did Snuggles and Cuddles? You. You made it? OMC! You created most of the stories I love! How did I miss this?!

6739581 I dunno. What about I'll Always be Here for You? It's my biggest and most popular story. It's also TwiDash, and they bond over adopting Scootaloo as their own daughter.

6739617 Hehe, lemme know what you think.

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