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The Abyss


When Diamond Tiara teases Sweetie Belle about gaining weight, Sweetie Belle attempts to take some drastic measures to keep up with the impossible standard of beauty that she feels society expects of her, especially since her own sister is known for her beauty. She tries to hide her actions from her closest friends, but Sweetie Belle quickly discovers that she doesn't have to fight this alone.

Edited by Alcatraz and proofread by Mr101

Chapters (3)
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So tracking this to see where it goes.

I don't care if Sweetie gained weight, she would be that much more cuddly :scootangel:

Fuckong amazing as per usual

I'm having my blood tested in 2 days, if I find out that I have diabetes, I'll blame the sweet, fluffy cuddles :rainbowkiss:

5827878 Well, if you do have that, you totally can't blame me!

*Before reading* Oh please tell me this takes place after I'll Always Be Here For You.

I was also wondering if I could be an editor for this story. Not getting my hopes up or anything, but you miss all the shots you never take, right?

5827948 Nah, this isn't canon to I'll Always be Here for You. Also, I'm good on editors at the moment. Thanks though.

5828125 yeah that pic isn't working

into tracking this goes.it seems like it could be cute


looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

She flipped over the handlebars with a surprised squeak before she slammed face-first into the ground.

Oh, no! Now she will have to wear a diaper! Wait, no, that is a different story.

“I’m fine, Sweetie Be-

“Seriously, I’ve seen Rainbow Dash take harder hits than that, and-

These hyphens should be Em dashes. (—) To get it: Hold down the Alt key and, using the number keypad on the side, type 0151. OR Google Em Dash and copy paste.

You’re bleeding, and it looks like bruised your legs.

Missing "you".

Cute story so far. I am not really a fan of Cutie Mark Crusader centered stories, but this one seems worthy of my time.

I would like to see where this goes, so I will favorite and like.


Liked. Faced. Tracking. I'm liking this, but not the diabeetus it will give me..:twilightblush:


Oh, no! Now she will have to wear a diaper! Wait, no, that is a different story.

Uhhhhhhhhhh.... what now? I did not expect to see something like. :P

These hyphens should be Em dashes. (—) To get it: Hold down the Alt key and, using the number keypad on the side, type 0151. OR Google Em Dash and copy paste.

My old Macbook didn't have to do such acrobats to get the em dash... Like, wtf is up with this shit. That's a weird as fuck way to get the em dash; thanks for showing me that.

You’re bleeding, and it looks like bruised your legs.
Missing "you".

Got that, thanks! Someone already pointed that one out lol.

this was an amazing story, i can't wait for the next chapter
I'm gonna re-read it again cuz tht's how awesome it was.

That was extraordinarily cute. I periodically gave off tears as I read this. The fact that Sweetie Belle genuinely shews that she cares for Scootaloo and vice-versa, depicts a pure, caring, and heartwarming friendship between the two. Incredibly sweet.

Another like and favourite for you, buddy.



WordPerfect and OpenOffice Write, at least, will also automatically convert two dashes (--) into an en-dash –, and three dashes (---) into the em-dash —. I suspect MS Word will also.

The whole <ALT>-number trick is a generic way to type in a lot of non-keyboard characters on a PC. ALT-0181 gets you the "micro" symbol µ, ALT-0162 gets the ¢ (cents) sign, and so on.

Another way to get access to these characters is to bring up the "Character Map" utility. (On Windows XP though Windows 7, it's under Programs » Accessories » System Tools; not sure if it's still the same on Windows 8 or not.) You can then just cut-and-paste the symbols from there.

Me, I reprogrammed the "Gaming" function keys on my Logitech G110 keyboard for the symbols I use most. :twilightsmile:

adorable! i love this story because it has a dark feeling when you hear about sweetie belle being teased or her nightmares and i get that friendly feeling when scuttle is concerned overall, lantwait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

5828933 That's good to know. I just bought the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard so that I can replace the rather mediocre one I bought so I could actually use the computer I built a couple weeks ago. I decided to invest in such an expensive keyboard because I'd like to write on the new build, but my wrists start hurting after a few paragraphs.

Y'know what I feel like I'm going to get downvoted for saying this, but I didn't really enjoy this one. And I liked IWABHFY, but this one feels like it's just telling us "feel sad now!" sacrificing characterization for cheap feels. Some examples:

“Look... I don’t like seeing you get hurt.

“Sweetie, out of all the sleepovers we’ve had you’ve never had a nightmare like that before,” Scootaloo said as she rubbed Sweetie’s back. “I’m here if you want to talk...”

I commend you for having Diamond Tiara act like the "Mean Girl" type bully she is, bullying Sweetie about her weight, that seems like an intresting plot line.

You're pretty popular and I'm just a guy who reads fics, and I no matter what you write you'll get a bunch of people saying THIS IS AWESOME! YAY SNUGGLES! But I just think you're a better writer than this.

I be watchin' dis, mon! :pinkiesmile:

ScootaBelle... my OTP :heart:

Too short to say anything definite, and the sad tag always scares me away from the story. That said, I would have upvoted just for that super-cute Nobody cover. :twilightsmile:

5830270 You dont have to worry, this story will have a happy ending.

So cute, i hate Diamond Tiara so much....

Interesting. This has allot of potential. And so far your making wonders with this story. Please, keep it up and update soon. I'll make sure to read this story until the end.

twas a great read, I shall like and follow to pursue the laughter that may lie within.:twilightsmile:

Curse you! I was planning on writing a similar theme. But it's got Scootabelle, which is heart-stopping adorable! :scootangel::heart::unsuresweetie: OTP!

5830962 Hehe, were you going to use a picture of sweetie belle standing on a scale?

5830985 Poor Sweetie.
No, I was planning and probably still am going to write a story about body image. It's not a Scootabelle fic or any other kind of romance.

I'm not a CMC person, but this is really cute!

I dont belive it all, i squeak half time when i read this


Problem is that it's gotten to the point where Diamond Tiara could smoother her own father for making her eat broccoli and readers would accept it as in character. We're supposed to accept THAT as a standard school yard bully?

I love the dicks off of this ship. I do. But I feel that a very tangential and not particularly characteristic conflict doesn't make any sense in the story. There are so many conflicts one could draw from that this feels more like a personal vent than a story written for other people.

Huh. *sits back and sips tea* another great story, Abyss. How long do you plan to make this story? I like where it's going .

for she knew her friend had her back. I see what you did there. Nice. Very great story so far. I have only given 6 faves out of the 3/4 of a year I've been here despite hundreds of fics being read and I believe you've earned on. Continue being 20% cooler.

Oh DT... this really won't end well. At least there is a sliver of hope from Silver there.

Thought that last bit with the cuddle was pretty cute :twilightsmile:

Definitely tracking this to see where it goes!

5851104 Well that backfired :pinkiesick:

Love this! I'll be tracking it!


5832227 Is the entire purpose of a story not to be expressive of something that the writer is either influenced by or finds interest in? Those that write should not write because it's what other people want them to do. If there is a particular thing that has affected a writer as an individual, or they want to make a point about something, fiction is one of the most powerful media through which to accomplish this. I feel that you are expecting others to write completely to satisfy you and your needs, which is not fair. A writer has leave to put into words whatever they want, and more often than not this is an expression of personal experience, or related to a topic that the writer considers worthy of making a point about.

A story essentially is a personal vent in word form. It is designed to give the creative a conduit through which to express their inner beliefs and feelings towards a personal topic. If all literature was written solely to please other people, then literature would be a very one dimensional thing.

Well, that's my belief anyway. You're fully entitled to yours, even though I disagree.

I feel the exact opposite on basically every point you made. Of course a story isn't a personal vent, because people are dull, irrational, unimportant beings. Fiction needs to transcend the silly things people think and capture what people feel. I admit this may not always be true, especially with complex, thickly-woven mystery plots and the like, but it's more than true in fanfiction, where specific characters are adopted from a specific canon to fit a story. Obesity doesn't seem to be a problem in Magical Talking Horse World, does it? Let's not fuck about with the source material too much, or risk losing our audience.

This point is also accurate. People have taken a simple bully with a Napoleon complex and made her into the worst possible things, from a torturer to a sociopath. Of course you're allowed to stretch characters, but caricatures aren't necessary, and they're not fun to read.


Thank you for accepting my point of view.

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