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When Twilight is given her own personal tower in Canterlot Castle for becoming Princess Celestia's personal student, she could not have been happier. Plenty of room, her own bedtime, and complete solitude, perfect for an aspiring scholar such as herself.

Just as she settles in, it isn't long before the silence becomes deafening. The voices of her parents, the scrapes and thumps, the hoofsteps on the floor; they're the sounds of home, and Twilight finds herself missing them, especially her brother. When she suddenly realizes how long it could be before she can go back home again, she starts to doubt her decision to become Princess Celestia's personal student.

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Comments ( 25 )

This was just too perfect.

The feels are strong with this story. :heart: Perfection!

It's like the E-rated version of Sibling Secrets.

"...behind the horizon now, Luna’s moon climbing..." Seeing as she's just been picked by Celestia, Luna is not exactly a name in her vocabulary.. or at least it shouldnt be yet :twilightsmile:

Just thought I'd point that little anachronism :twilightblush:

The sun had disappeared completely behind the horizon now, Luna’s moon climbing into the sky.

Small mistake here. Luna has been imprisoned for slightly under a thousand years. Nopony alive who is not also a goddess even knows of her existence. Except as the old pony's tale The Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon. But who believes old pony's tales? Certainly not a big filly like Twilight.

Twilight misses her book forts.

Do you notice anything about Shining Armor's hooves? Hint: They are not generic royal guard hooves.

This was an adorable one shot. I shall like and favorite it.


Awwwwwwww to cute. I love it:heart::heart::heart:

4517700 Woops, fixed that. Thanks!

About to start reading this...got a feeling that it'll be like how I felt when I moved out from my mother's apartment and into a group home, first night I was sobbing in my pillow. :fluttershysad: (granted, she was a recovering alcoholic, so I HAD to get out of there as soon as possible)

Sweet mother of Celestia, this reminds me so much of when I moved into halls at uni. :fluttercry: I remember the first comment my dad made about it; 'it looks like Broadmoor'. (A young offenders institution, read jail).:twilightoops: I had a single room with a bed and desk, along with a small en suite. The kitchen was shared with five other people. I went through almost the exact same feelings Twilight did. The big difference however, was that in addition to the deafening silence, I also got incredibly noisy nights and no sleep. In the end since it was only an hour's drive away from uni, I moved back home. I can live on my own, but I guess uni accommodation just wasn't for me.

Brilliant story, have a like and an incredibly long comment. :yay:

4517700 <Cadance heavy breathing> She wants that shaking!
This was a fun one shot, I don't particularly care for homesick stories with happy endings though. That;s just me. Maybe a sequel years later when Twilight spends a night back home and nothing is how she remembers it?

:twilightsmile: Excellent job done.

*Jarkes.exe has shut down due to the inability to process so much daw-inducing feels. Clear your system of any .daw files and reboot your system immediately.*

Aww, nice and sweet. Spotted an error on my way through:

outside to the patio the she’d spotted just minutes ago.

extra "the"

Well, not only was this story well written, it was also a very sweet portrayal of sibling companionship. Or, to put it in a word:

So, I just noticed that this is one of your least liked stories. Quite unfortunate, really. But I will read it because it isn't clop.

“I’m not a colt, Shiny,” Twilight said, still laughing.

Are you sure?:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

D'aww this was cute.:yay:

The issues I noticed:

and walked up the balcony door.

and walked up to the balcony door.

try and

and -> to

Using his magic, he gave a short chuckle before he raised the lid off of the platter, revealing its contents.

Why would he use magic to chuckle? I know that's not what it's supposed to say but it's how I read it.

Setting the platter and ice cream down between them,

and pulled out the small carton of ice cream

These don't match up.

as they silently enjoyed the company of the other

as they each silently enjoyed the company of the other
as they silently enjoyed the company of each other
I'm not sure if it's technically necessary but they and the other sound a bit off to me when referring to the same characters there.

4557524 I'll drink to that. *downs shot of water*

We've all had this feeling on the first night of being away from our parents. :applecry: But thanks to the responsibilities of being an adult, the feelings pass on. :twilightsmile:

this was really cute, like the whole undertone this realationship has, makes things interesting :twilightsheepish:

The ending was really cute:rainbowkiss:

Love it . Daww so touching and believable

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