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Hi! I'm Bronwyn, my artist name is incendiaryboobs:>


Rainbow Dash plans to confess her attraction to Twilight Sparkle, but is caught up in events and eventually bails. Will Twilight ever find out how Rainbow feels?

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This is a pretty awesome start. I'm excited to see where this goes :twilightsmile:
I can never get enough cute :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:


RD is not a hmosexual her only love is herself and her trophies

1. Let me correct your sentence: "RD is not a homosexual. Her only love is herself and her trophies".
2. This is a fanfiction. This isn't canon. And if you don't like TwiDash shipping then why are you even here?
3. Please correct me with a link if I am wrong, but Rainbow has never said anything in the show about not being homosexual. Sure it isn't likely, but it has not been confirmed or denied. And even if it had been denied, people would still allowed to ship them.
4. I think you know if you watch the show that "Her only love is herself and her trophies" is a lie. Rainbow IS the element of loyalty. I must admit that she didn't really act like it in the start of the series, but in season 3 episode 6 and 7, she had both become a mentor/honorary big sister to Scootaloo, and given up her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt, for her friends. Rainbow has shown to get distracted by attention, but has also shown that she really cares about her friends. I don't think someone who only loved herself and her trophies would give up the dream she had worked on her entire life, for her friends.
5. Let others have their own opinions instead of acting like your opinion is right. There are no superior opinions.
So as I said before, if you don't like TwiDash, then why are you here? Let others do what they want.


7560653 well, in "Newbie Dash" she acted like the top dog and irritated her colleagues just for having an embarrassing name and thats not taking into account how the wonderbolts abused her, but she kind of deserves it

I thought this was dead, I even put this in my cancelled stories folder.

Why did you go MIA?

I write whenever I feel inspired so sometimes that doesn't happen for a while -shrug- I don't want writing to be an obligation just a bit of fun

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