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I am a brony from Massachusetts with Autism who enjoys MLP, Disney and writing!


When she has a nightmare of being confronted by bullies, Babs Seed is visited by Princess Luna, who tries to show Babs that just because she is a blank flank, it doesn't make her weaker than what those who bully her try to say.

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If these bullies believe that their cutie marks license them to be a bunch of thugs then obviously the judicial system of Manehatten should order that their cutie marks be surgically removed. I'm sure it's possible since when Snips and Snails were shaved their cutie marks went with their fur.

Luna, patron Princess of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. This (Luna and Babs) would make fore a good Friends Forever comic.

Ehh, not a Tragedy. Should read up on tags before you post.

6357882 Your avatar said it all. The tag has been removed.

6357790 It needs to be in a comic, or at least a similar story line.

Wow, this was amazing! :raritystarry: Really well written. Well done!

Truly adorable indeed. :)

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