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Princess Cadance wakes up to care for Flurry Heart in the middle of the night, but notices something. She's growing. This makes her realize her little baby isn't going to stay little for very long, and thinks ahead to all of the wonderful things yet to come.

Cover Art and Inspiration by the Magnificent Ravvij

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1662371

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Comments ( 42 )

Good job. :twilightsmile: really enjoyed how you put the story together.

This was cute and sweet I love it

Aww. That was sweet.

Aww, this was sweet. I always love seeing well written mother and daughter stories.

Nice, dude! I hope you're planning more! :trollestia:

If you shake a baby, it never grows up.

Just saying.

oh, the joys of parenthood... Sometimes you want to grow up, sometime you really want to have your little kid some extra time, and most often than not,, you want them to not be teenagers anymore...
Pretty nice fic.

That is cute :fluttercry:

Beautiful story.
All parents have felt this way one time or another, I know mine have.

Must... resist.... urge to... daw! :rainbowkiss:

Every parent goes through that eventually, realizing your child isn't going to stay young forever. :pinkiesad2:

That was a really beautiful story. Well done!:yay:

This was a very beautiful and sweet story :twilightsmile:
Sometimes I have moments when I realize that pretty soon everything is going to be different, it's a wonderful reminder to cherish every moment.

That was beautiful. You don't know how much that lifted my day. Thank you.

You also somehow made me want a diabeetuz Cadance x Flurry Heart romance fic.

This was sweet.
I know I have had some similar thoughts when it comes to my own kids.

She stopped when she grew near the crib

drew perhaps

originally owned to Cadance

belonged sounds better

mouth as she moved over the crib


setting her parents together at table to say she had been proposed to.

I know what your saying, but its worded oddly.

Great history, all parents have those thoughts at some point:fluttershysad:

Can relate. Have reproduced.

very nice little story

If I could slam the like button, I would slam it so hard that it would got to the moon :trollestia:

B_25 #20 · Jul 15th, 2016 · · 1 ·

I'm just surprised no one got raped.

Cadance could already see her, grown up to be a young woman now, setting her parents together at table to say she had been proposed to

In my opinion could use switch from woman to mare... Otherwise nice sweet story...

Awwww. So sweet :twilightsmile:

Aye, right sweet, that it is. Well done.

"Equestria's Best Mom," she muttered under her lips, as if the words gave her additional strength. "The only Princess that is a Mom. A mom Princess. The Princess of Mom."

Kronk approves of Cadance's thought process.

7394052 The picture DOES look like it...

A fantastic story! So beautiful and heartwarming.

My daughter hit ten months yesterday. I am relating enough that I would have taken over putting her to bed, except m' wife had her on her way to dreamland already.

So I'm used to tearing up for fics. For crying for fics.

You, however, you made me whimper involuntarily.


Oh dear Luna that hit me right in the feels, I know how Cadance feels, and, wow...

Beautifully written, mate.

I give it about 1 more week before Cadence wakes Shiny up by using her magic to carry him into the bathroom & shoving his head down the toilet bowl.

1st rule:. Baby is down for a nap, Mommy is down for a nap.

2nd rule:. Waking the baby carries a death penalty. As a princess, she can do it.

I'm not a parent, but I know that every parent thinks the same thing, whenever they look at their child. They fear the day they see their kid walk into the house, but instead of a child, they see the adult that they've become. However, it's that same day they look forward to, because they can also see the adult that they wished and hoped they'd become. My father told me that at my high school graduation and both my parents still tell me that today.

Two songs come to mind for this story.

Nice work.

She could see her baby-- No, little girl now, being escorted to prom by some boy that Shining would likely interrogate to the point of torture, polishing his spear in front of the boy and wearing his guard helmet

That sounds awesome and I kindly request a fic of this nature.

Man, I don't have any kids, but I do have a younger cousin who I grew up with. She's in high school now and talking about potential colleges and stuff, and my little heart can't take it.

Don't get old, kids.

This was very sweet and touching. I want a baby now...

I don't have kids of my own yet, but...
Got a 6 year old sister back home who prays for me every night. The 15 year old that just got asked to homecoming. The 17 yearling is finishing High School, and the 18 year old is hitting the books at a university this year...
Where does the time go? :fluttershysad:

7425146 I second this fan fiction being made

2 words: Awe. Some.

This is awesome and adorable, this beautiful fic is even better the second time of reading it! :D

Oh my, the feels, I must admit it was the cover art that first attracted me to this story, and you sir/madam did it full justice. Also, I agree with several other comments saying that seeing a sequel showing Flurryheart later on in life would be a perfect complement to this piece.

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