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Princess Cadance isn't an emotionally driven pony. She likes to think that she's done a good job keeping those pesky emotions in check, especially during her weekly court. But when a crystal pony calls her 'useless', it gets to her. She'd never been called useless before by anypony, let alone one of her subjects.

Luckily, she has the best aunt in the world there to comfort her.

Written for Flutterpriest, bae of all baes.

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Comments ( 19 )

This is one of those short but sweet stories that I'd usually pass over without even giving it a chance. That said, it's nicely written, surprisingly clever, and kinda cute. Have a like!

Awww... Have a like.

Story Approver

Cute, and well-written. I like your take on Cadence as still a young, developing leader. Love these cute stories about lovebutt, especially when they're so well done. And upvoted. :heart: Can't wait for whatever you'll come out with next! :twilightblush:

I loved it. Read it during band practice.

Very cute and very well done! It is great that you've shown a more emotional side to Cadence. I never thought of her feelings being hurt but it's good to see that she is has feeling just like anypony else. Nice work!

Just by the description alone, I knew I was in for something sweet and knowing you, a good story as well. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. (In bad sounding Yoda voice) The feels, they are strong with this one.

All these one-shots getting shot out like being fired from an automatic, and I'm just sitting here waiting for "Gradient" to update again or, Heaven forbid, actually finish... :ajsleepy:

Great one, man. As always.

This is so cute! :rainbowkiss: Loved it! :heart:

To an extent, which can be said of any ruler that isn’t a dictator. You have done a wonderful job returning to Crystal Empire to its former glory.

I assume this was suppose to be 'The'

Great story! Short and sweet. I liked it. ^_^

I kind of wish you had fleshed the story a little more (gone a little more into the emotions of it) but I like the way you wrote Celestia in this. Celestia is by no means my favorite character (only because the show completely fails at making her complex) but I by no means dislike her. This is the way I love to see her written, as a pony who loves and cares for all but is still a pony who has emotions and can be hurt and angry just like anypony else.

Everyone needs some cheering up from time to time.
This was a lovely short read just about that :twilightsmile:

Well done, right well done!

Nopony has ever called you useless.

They have, and that's actually one of the nicer things they've called her.

Sweet story by the way.

This was a sweet story! :twilightsmile:

Finally got the time to read this one, you always deliver, man. Loved it!

The Description here has Cadence remind me of an older but less tomboyish Rainbow Dash.

This is heartwarming. Glad I read it!

Guys, help me out here, I'm Russian, and don't know some words. How do you call someone - who projects THEMSELVES onto another? Because I have a distinct feeling that this is what happened here. Someone was feeling useless, so they went and called a ruler in such a way.

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