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One of the hardest things is knowing I chose to come here. Sometimes, I have my regrets. Sometimes, I know it's for the better in the end. Sometimes, however... It's too much to handle. I've been away from everybody in Equestria for so long now... Thirty moons ago I left, and now, here I am, being blessed with the opportunity to go back to the place I loved so much...
Rated Teen for language.

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4093050 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it

Pretty good story. I do like ones that make Sunset as being something more than an heartless bitch.

Why did you choose that picture specifically? :raritycry: I cannot take all these feels and I haven't even opened the story.

I’m sure she would have love[d] to know that before she passed away….

Oooooooo that is heart breaking

I’m sure she would have loved to know that before she passed away…

This breaks my heart every time I read this

God damnit! Why must you bring out my feels.

Now, after the letter that Celestia read that was supposed to be for Sunsets mom and that she said that she would of loved to know thst before she passed. I feel that a new story should be made. Basically a sequel, story after the main story.

Would you consider this?

Oh nooo! How will Sunset react?! :pinkiegasp: :raritycry:

Wish it wasn't complete..... :raritycry: :fluttercry:

Sunset: i...
sunset collapses in grief
there are no words to describe the amount of grief she has now

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