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No one has seen Sunset Shimmer in a week after the Fall Formal. Principal Celestia is getting worried. She doesn't really know much about Sunset Shimmer, but she is aware that she is alone in this world. When Celestia finds Sunset it is worse than she knew. Now, Celestia moves to heal the heart of the girl from another world. It is to be a difficult and hard fought battle against Sunset's own perception of self.

Can Sunset turn her life around from the downward spiral that it is in? Or is she right to believe that she is only a demon and deserves only the worst in life? Sunset's journey to forgiving herself starts with allowing her mentor's alternate into her life, but does she deserve to have the chance to disappoint two Celestias?

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that faithful night

Also, >more than half the summary is disclaimers

Great start, color me intrigued. I hope this leads to a happier outcome. I especially like how you explained in the authors notes how to help with depression. Excited to see more

4764548 Its referencing the end of the first Equestria girls movie. Im not sure how you managed to miss that?


I was quoting it because the phrase is that fateful night, not that faithful night.

This was good. Well It was quite sad actually so far but It felt real. Poor sunset shimmer :fluttershysad: Well done I look forward to more.

Eep, Check Fimfic see a bunch more messages than I am used to. :twilightoops:

4764676 I'm glad someone liked my ramblings on the subject.

4764732 Ah, Well goes to show... I am merely mortal. I'll fix that.

If most of what you have to say about your work is warnings, you must not have much confidence in it.

4765034 Heh, the warning is because there are actually a lot of people who would appreciate it when it comes to this sort of material. Especially since I am going for as real as possible for the situation.

BUT, to be fair, no I do not have any confidence in my writing or my stories. The warnings however, are not a symptom of that. They more born out of respect for the sorts of people who have lived in a similar situation and do not want reminders.

This is gonna be interesting. Keep it up.

See, you can convey that in a good summary of your story. That's what it's there for. Your current brief summary sounds poetic and all, but it doesn't really tell me anything except that you wanted it to sound poetic. Use this space to actually talk about your story rather than being as vague as possible, and you won't have to put up these huge, glaring warnings that don't serve your story any purpose other than some CYA.

4765123 You know, I think I am gonna work on it more. Probably move the warning to the bottom.

Not bad at all, though, I think you could do without such a long Author's note. It takes out some of the punch you could give your story if you tell us the thought process and motivation behind each character's action instead of working it into the story itself.

4765955 Thank you for the input, but I really believe it should be done. However, I am form now on going to be putting it into a blog post rather than at the end of each chapter.

4765123 Hey, brutal honest person. Does this new description do a better job or do I give it another pass?:twilightblush:

I gotta say, I like this. Sunset's usually shown as having learned nothing from her experience, or just 'toned down' to a sharp tongued tomgirl. Her world was seriously rocked by Twilight, and like all filler villains, she just fades away from the series by the next season.
I see a lot of potential for her as a character, much in the same way people see Trixie.
Hope to see another chapter soon, you earned your upvote. :pinkiehappy:

I like the backstory here. When I saw Equestrian girls, it seemed obvious to me Sunset Shimmer was engaging in some teenage rebellion against her mother figure Princess Celestia, and I wondered how that would affect a relationship with Principal Celestia.

The whole Sunset living in a wearhouse thing, did you get that from Long Road to Friendship? I love that story and im always happy to see more Sunset Shimmer.

4770081 Yep, that is lifted from Long Road to Friendship. (Amazing story) I did ask if it was okay first though. Just for reference Alby is pretty nice. :twilightsmile:

But a bit into why, the living in a warehouse thing has always just the made the most sense for Sunset. I mean honestly... where else?

She could have killed the Sunset of that world and took her place at her house. :scootangel:

4770118 Yes, but the last thing this Sunset needs is more reason to think she is a monster. But I think I would read one where she does heh...

Dear author,
please feel appreciated and keep going,

Looking forward to the next chapter.

The only issue that I have with this so far is that the dialogue is wooden, if you spruce it up it'll be really, really good instead of just good :twilightsmile:

4773478 so i need to change from oak to spruce then?

Also, yea i know exactly what you mean. After I finish chapter 2 I may just revisit this chapter's dialogue.

4773490 Oak to Spruce....:rainbowlaugh: That's actually pretty original :yay:

By the way, what'd the M rating for?

4773494 Dark themes especially later :x it felt more than a teen story to me.

This was just... Wow. Count me in as interested and eagerly awaiting the next chapter!:twilightsmile:

This is really good. I'm excited to see this story unfold.

It makes me sad to see a new story with a great concept only to have it ruined by terrible grammar and clunky dialogue. Thank you for not doing that. This is great!

4777903 You had me very worried! :twilightoops:

Glad you liked it though.

To be honest I was worried about this... mostly the dark tag scares me, and possibly the though of Celestia bashing as well. I think you have done good so far, Sunset still has her issues but is in her bath to redemption.

Great story! I await the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Sunset Shimmer


Hm. Serves her right.

Good start. A suggestion I might offer is to watch when you refer to principal and princess. Since this is a human equivalent you might want to consider a first name for principal celestia to help with that. Other than that good read.

I like this story and I would like to see more.

Ooh, this one has a ton of potential! I'm looking forward to future updates!

dude of course people are interested. I like seeing he aftermath of Equestira Girls.

I also like the subtle Cake butt joke.

Slightly depressing, but well written none the less. Of course we like.

Looks like Celestia made it to the roof just in time.:pinkiesad2: I hope Gilda gets hers before too long.:twilightangry2:

I really like this fic, though here are some questions that need to be answered:
1. Why does Celestia care so much about Sunset now? She didn't care at all before EQG (at least nothing suggests that).
2. How does Gilda know that Sunset can't turn into a demon whenever she wants or still has some supernatural powers?
3. Why didn't Sunset tell anything about Gilda to Celestia? And what about the money?

Good questions.
1. Banking on the idea of Celestia just being that maternal. At first it was just to check on her to make sure she was still around. But once she saw the state she was in she sympathized too much to just leave her. I could say more but I would ruin a later part of the story.
2. She doesn't but then the converse of that is true. She has no reason to suspect that she can either.To further elaborate, what I mean by that is. If she could always have done that then why hadn't she prior to that night. It doesn't take a logical leap to suspect she doesn't always have that power.
3. Incident Report, Spoilers.

4871449 Good and quick reply.

If I was Gilda, I'd be really cautious. If something can be supernatural, it may play by entirely different rules. Maybe Gilda in this story is just stupid (and lucky).

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