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You are my favorite author, I will read anything you put out. :twilightsmile:

beautiful. but it got me thinking? What happened to Firefly? Hmm...

4374226 In my own personal headcanon (which you don't have to believe and can go by any you prefer) Firefly abandoned the family shortly after giving birth, because it was too much pressure and she wanted to pursue her dreams.

4374166 Thank you very much:twilightsmile::heart:

Very sweet. I particularly like how, even though this is for your own headcanon Rainbow Dad, it's easy to substitute my own because they're quite similar.

I know being a single father wasn’t easy for you, but you always managed to pull through somehow. You had to keep up with bills, necessities, work, me, and anything else the world just happened to throw at you, yet…you managed. You always came around for me, and comforted me in my worst of days. You held me when I was upset and cared for me when I was ill, and you did it all by yourself. You were the best dad I could ever ask for, even if I wasn’t the best filly at times.

This summed it up quite nicely.

Rainbow's dad appearance in season 5 is still on my wish list. Beautiful letter by the way.

4374686 Yeah, it's been on my wish-list since the day the episode aired. We've seen Twi's parents 3-4 times, Pinkie's 2 times, Rarity's once (Only hers got bucking dialogue), and now Rainbow's once. It's not likely he'll ever get dialogue/large amounts of screen time, seeing the way they've treated other parents of the mane six, but we can always hope.

4374384 Thank you:twilightsmile:

4374240 pfft only to become a prostitute :rainbowlaugh:

Aww, this is so sweet! :pinkiehappy: This made my day so much! My only nitpick is that there are minor grammar mistakes, but other than that, I loved this!

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