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Trust me on this, I'm a doctor.

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Thank you for the favorite!

Hey there, Dragon-Script,

Thank you for joining us in a great adventure in the clouds. There's many things to see and do up there, and a lot of danger around every corner! But with you along, it's probably going to be just fine.

Thank you for the favourite, and hope you enjoy the rest.

Thanks for deciding to watch me. :pinkiehappy: I hope the video I made does help when you decide to write (which you totally should give a go, btw:derpytongue2:)

Thanks a bunch for the favorite bro. It means a lot. :ajsmug: And sorry for the story being so crappy in like the first half. That stuff was before I actually started caring as a writer.


.I am thinking about writing a story, and wanted to see what there was.

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